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Video clips from Newcastle Last night???

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    Hi there. I was wondering if anybody could tell me where I will find a video clip from the last race at Newcastle last night?
    My first child was born yesterday and her name is Darcie. The winner of the race last night was a horse named Darcies Pride and we had a tenner on her.
    I would love to have a clip of the race so we can show her later on in life?

    Is there a youtube like equivalent for racing?

    Thanks for your help

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    Well done , on both counts! I’m sure someone will come up with an answer for you.

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    I bet if you contacted the stable they’d send you a photo of the horse as well.

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    There’s certainly a replay of the race here:
    though you may have to register (free) and sign in.
    When she’s old enough to watch it, tell her its a gift from her Uncle Reet. 8)

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    Contact details for the trainer:

    Paul Midgley
    Sandfield Farm
    YO60 7LS

    Office Tel: 07976 965220

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    Thanks very much for all the well wishes and replies, I’ll get right on to these options. It’s truly a miracle at the moment.

    Thanks again

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    Awww wow that’s so amazing. Brought tear to my eye that did, good luck let us know what stable say! :D bless yous xxxxx

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    If no other avenue produces the goods for you, you can always go straight to the source and get the race video or DVD from Racetech;

    "RaceTech is uniquely well placed to sell videos and DVDs of past races – for grateful punters and doting owners – as well as prints of photofinishes. If your horse has won ten races in a row, or indeed lost twenty races in a row, RaceTech can supply a compilation of all those unforgettable occasions.

    The company’s Video Sales Unit keeps recordings of all races for three years – plus Classics and some other selected big races back to 1961 – and makes extensive use of this unique archive for individuals and for the major broadcasters.

    Photofinish prints can be supplied for any race run during the last two years, with prints of Classics available from the first use of the photofinish camera back in 1947"


    Races sell at £40 a pop and photoprints at £30 each.



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