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    Why did Victoria Pendleton get away with the most fundamental rule in racing.The non-trier rule or to be more accurate the ill-Judged race riding rule.
    In my opinion the rider never put her horse in any position to win at any stage,the horse should have at least been placed or even could have won!
    Regardless who the jockey is and what the circumstances are that’s a serous infringement of the rules of racing and should lead to action by the Stewards.


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    Because her whip got caught in the bridle and there was little else she could have done other than hit the horse with her hand, which she did?

    Kentucky Spring
    Kentucky Spring
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    Officials will be looking at a inexperienced rider, whose riding skills haven’t been better, than the ones displayed the other day…Pendleton is not obliged to ride any better than her ability. You want Ninna Carberrys effectiveness, well she can’t ride ’em all :-).
    The most important rule in the book is the one about not riding careless.

    Best Wishes

    Fran the man
    Fran the man
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    I felt Victoria gave PDP a brilliant ride,most judges prior to the race would of been of the opinion the horse doesn’t stay the trip yet Victoria got the horse settled beautifully and jumping that well that PDP finished the race strongly, i can’t get how anyone can crab the ride when you think of how little experience she has. :wacko:

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