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    Well done to all the Koepka winners Cantlay 50/1 was 3rd best bet for me

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    Isn’t the cash out a total mind **** to us gamblers!? Betting was so much simpler prior to it’s arrival.

    So I had a good week as I backed Cupcake before the off at 11/1. My 3 other picks failed to place but I’m North of £200 up for the tournament. Happy Days.

    Well yesterday afternoon I decided against a cash out and figured (rightly as it turned out) DJ is the only danger so chucked £50 on the exchange at 27.0. Largely with a view of cashing out for profit if/when he did manage to close in.

    Cashed out around the turn for a small profit as DJ had come in to 10.0 and was reasonably happy with that, disappeared to do a few chores feeling quite smug, only to come back and find their is one shot in it and DJ is trading at under 3.0, WTF! Would have been looking at a several hundred cash out option at that point if I’d waited half an hour or so.

    I won but I still felt I’d somehow lost, wish they would do away with bloody cash outs lol!

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    Lol Pants, well done for winning with both Koepka and DJ, but I know what you
    mean with the cashout. It’s when to do it that’s the problem, and we both lost
    out but for opposite reasons. You cashed out too early, and I let 250 quid dwindle
    away to f*%k all simply because I was too greedy in the first place….250 for
    30 quid (at 22/1) would have been a good return, and then I was too stubborn to take
    lesser amounts hoping he would rebound back. I could say I’ve learned a good lesson,
    but then I’ve said that before, and still had my blinkers on this time :unsure:

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    BigG, it’s a real mind bender at times hovering over the cash out button, like you say it’s all in the timing.

    One rule of gambling I always remind myself of is ‘Buy bad news and sell good news…’ Takes some balls at times but will usually result in some good cash out opportunities. Problem is we’re all by nature inherently greedy lol!

    I sometimes bet on the goals market on football, I look for a potential low scoring game and back under 3.5 goals, provided there is no early goal, your in profit within 5 mins or so and watching the little green number get bigger is addictive! I can set myself a 15 minute limit or a certain profit to hit in £…but while the number is climbing by the minute greed takes over and it’s so tempting not to cash out. I’ve won and lost a small fortune with this bet, not good for the soul! :)

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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