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    What a finish from woodland

    That chip on 17 and putt on 18 were sensational

    Well done raymo

    I’m happy with Scott and schauffele placing

    They really need to do something about these idiots in the crowd shouting, I’m convinced they put woodland off on the 17th tee

    It’s a disgrace and happens every single week on the pga tour

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    Woo-Hoo :yahoo: A cracking 75/1 winner Raymo, very well played sir :good:
    The way he played the last 2 holes, particularly the 17th when under huge pressure
    was just class :good:

    Well done to all that had their picks in the places, and there were quite
    a few. I agree with you FF91, the American crowds are complete idiots at times,
    and I cringe every time I hear some moron shout “in the hole” when someone is
    driving off at a par 5. They haven’t got a clue.

    Well it won’t be long until it’s time for the real Open, and we can go through
    all the pain and hand wringing again, but as long as someone, or maybe a few,
    shares the spoils it will be all worth it. Cream cakes on Raymo today :good:

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    Sorry I didn’t post late last night guys but I was a bit distracted and absolutely knackered!! :good: :good:

    Well done with the places guys I think we did pretty darned good again :good:

    My five finished first third ninth sixteenth and twenty first so got to be sooooo happy with that :good:

    Shame about Stenson finishing ninth but that is just greed :wacko: at least I got him placed in top European :good:

    Graham I spent most of the late/early hours either behind the couch or pacing up and down the lounge :wacko: but it was worth it :good:

    I think we had ELEVEN of the top twenty between us so that is some doing :good:

    Thanks for the support graham and onwards to the proper Open now :good:

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    Hovland top amatuer only winner for me

    Well done Raymo with Woodland happy for you mate

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    Nice one Raymo and anyone else who collected :good:

    See ya’all at the Open next month.

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)
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