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    Hi all,

    Has anybody got any strong feelings regarding this years competition. I recently did an article for Betfair (click on link below) regarding the chances of the English teams and the more I thought about it the more I liked the look of Everton. … lis-7.html

    I have to admit it’s quite a difficult tournament to bet on because of the format it takes, as there are still 8 teams to come from the Champions League. Bayern Munich will surely take a lot of beating but their odds reflect their excellent chances and I would rather look elsewhere than back Bayern at 9/2.

    I’ve already had an each way bet on Everton at 28/1 but I am the first to admit I am not totally clued up on the foreign teams – so any advice, tips or thoughts would be most welcome.

    All the best,


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    Nice article Mike. I won’t give you any advice or tips……….just my thoughts :)

    I agree that it’s difficult to assess the UEFA Cup properly at this stage because we don’t know for sure who all the runners will be yet. I see that Bayern Munich are 7/2 at the moment on BF which represents no value in my opinion. Villareal did not look too good last week but they were playing Real Madrid who looked excellent.

    Of the english teams, Bolton look the weakest and unless they get rid of Lee soon then I doubt if they will have much hope of wining the UEFA Cup.

    Blackburn have a wonderful team spirit and have some good players but they are not the cleanest of teams and I can see them suffering from too many injuries and suspensions which will hinder their chances of winning.

    This leaves Everton and Tottenham. I don’t really support Tottenham properly but they are the team I follow in the Premiership. Their present problem is that they are letting in too many soft goals but they are good going forward and let’s not forget that they had a poor start last season – only managed to get 4 pts from their first 6 games so I am not too worried about their unexciting start even if the Tottenham directors are! They are a team which takes a while to warm up so I expect them to do well in this cup and Jol will be keen to get some silverware this season.

    Everton are a difficult team to beat which will be their strength in this competition and have made a good signing with Yakabu who is a handfull for most defenders. Their patient style will also suit this competition and their odds are fair value.

    I’m tempted to back Tottenham but at odds of 12/1, I think I’ll wait until I know what the full line up is going to be.

    Good luck.

    Mike – what is the ‘digg it’ at the bottom of your article all about?

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    Of the teams entered now, Bayern Munich look to have an outstanding chance, though it’s best to wait until the third placed teams from the CL enter the fray – that way you’ll get a much clearer picture.

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    SC, not sure about that ‘digg it’ thing :lol: . If you click on it you get asked to sing in or register. I registered and basically I think it’s just an opportunity to give feedback regarding the articles that your read – though i’m not certain lol.

    Nice summary of the English teams and it’s reassuring that we are of the same opinion in the main regarding the 4 English teams.


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    Hey Lads,

    Just a few words on other teams it might be worth having a look at.

    Normally I would automatically write of English club chances in the Uefa Cup because, for me, teams outside of the top four in the Enlgish Premier League are way out classed by their outside the top four conterparts in other top european leagues. This year, however, there seems to be this theory amoung the likes of Sir Alex, Wenger, and Jose that there has been (due to the recent foreign investment, TV deals etc) a closing of the gap by those clubs outside the top four. Blackburn , Tottenham , Villa , Everton etc. It will be interesting to see if this closing of the gap translates from the prem league to the Uefa Cup competition.

    Personally speaking I would have to witness this before I would be willing to put my money on it.

    Ones to look at for me this year are:

    Bayern Munich 4/1,. These lads will walk away with the German league this year. They have brought in a number of very good players after the humiliation of missing out on Champs league place last year. Toni, Ribery, and Klose were all top signings and if they can get the league under control, which is very possible, then they will be left able to focus on Euro glory and the restoration of pride.

    Apparently there was an add being run before their campaign started which was of people running screaming down the streets to the sound of Star Trek music as a dark shadow decended. The headline read "The Empire Strikes Back".

    They mean business this year and will have this competition firmly in sight.

    Fiorentina 18/1. Young , Hungry team. They did lose top striker Toni to Bayern in the summer but Chelsea old boy Mutu has so far proved more than capable of taking burden. Last year looked more like the player he was when Chelsea came knocking. Very , very difficult to beat at home and should make it to later stages. Difficult tie to Gronnigen next so should learn more about what they are made of after that.

    Hamburg 40/1. Sneaky one here. Bremen , Schalke and Stuttgart are not firing so far this year so Hamburg may be the team left putting up a futile resistence to Munich in Germany this year. Muller said as much before the two teams met last week in a 1-1 draw. Good result for Hamburg considering what Bayern had already done to the likes of Bremen already this season (4-1 away win). Chaps league two seasons ago ( admittedly destroyed) so recent euro expierience should stand.

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    Hi Nixer,

    Thanks for your input mate.

    I agree that Bayern will take a hell of a lot of stopping in this competition. In fact, I think the 4/1 could be massive come what May.

    Good luck if you have a bet on the teams you suggested.


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