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Two ways of thinking about this.

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    With all the recent debate regarding Sir Michael Stoute using a (former ?)jockey such as K. Fallon to ride work and give his views on certain racehorses there are two seperate thoughts on this.

    Down at Castle Stables in Arundel it has been John Dunlops policy for years now to let the stable staff do all the fast work as he thinks they know the horses best as they are with them every day.

    He also stated at one of his Open Days that he thinks when a top line jockey is employed on the gallops some stable staff fear of overtaking a top jockey although the horse under them is going well and others go all out on the gallops to claim bragging rights they beat some top jockey on the gallops.

    Mr Dunlop stated that the gallops were to get horses fit and that was all.

    John Dunlop claimed that during all the time Pat Eddery rode for him he never rode one horse on the Arundel gallops.
    Pat Eddery claimed once he had never ever been to Arundel except to stay over for the owners b.b.qs during Goodwood Festival week!

    I dont know if they are jesting but there are two lines of thought on employing top jockeys on the gallops.

    Mr Dunlop who is no ones fool has one idea yet an astute trainer such as Sir Michael Stoute seems to have an opposite one.

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    I think it depend very much on the size of the yard.

    Way back when Gordon Richards was training at Greaystoke Ron Barry Jonjo and David Goulding were always on hand if required.

    A smaller yard would pay a top Jockey to come and ride a bit of work along with their stable jockey if the even had one. Not on a dailly basis but if a horse was perhaps going for a touch or they were considering running him in a big race, They would work him with the best they had and with the best jockey they could find to get the best possible feel about the horse in question.

    There are not many stable lads/work riders who can judge how good a horse really is at least not compared to someone like say Mick Fitzgerald or Ruby Walsh who’s opinions are worth their weight in gold to a trainer.

    I suppose that’s why you get 20/1 shots bolting up in a novice hurdle because the trainer didn’t have a clue how good he was beforehand.

    I am surprised at Dunlops thinking on this but has his numbers decreased over the years?.

    I would have though SMS would have more than enough horses around to have Fallon riding them and expressing his opinion……wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall when he did that’s for sure.

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    Vincent O’Brien never used to let Lester ride in gallops in the latter years as he said Lester used to bugger up the gallops trying to find out how good the horses were.

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    Wise choice, Probably wouldn’t have understood a word Lester was saying anyway :?

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