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    Took a horrible fall in the 4.50 at Worcester. Appeared to be instant death but this was never confirmed.

    Also Danny Cook appeared seriously injured after a fall from Kirkhammerton (horse ok).

    ATR promised to keep us informed re Danny’s condition, and also hinted that more than one horse may have been fatally injured, but as per usual more interested in talking drivel at us than telling us what we want to know, and as far as I know, none of the injured parties was mentioned again.

    RIP Troy Tempest (I think) :(

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    RP confirmed Troy Tempest at ‘fatally injured’ :(

    No other confirmed deaths but in the same race Marleybow (IRE) was pulled up lame before the last.

    Jane of Herts
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    I was at Worcester yesterday.

    Sadly Troy Tempest was a fatality; it appeared to be a broken neck and he died instantly, but at least he didn’t suffer. RIP

    Danny Cook was fine after his fall from Kirkhammerton in the same race; he played in the National Hunt jockeys’ charity football match after racing. The only sign of injury was a plaster on his chin! Although tweets suggest that he was a little mad to take part in the match following his ‘pasting’!

    Marleybow suffered an injury to his near fore; connections took off his bandage and felt the tendon at the back of his cannon bone. He was loaded into the horse ambulance to be transported off the course because he was very lame.

    I run a fan website dedicated to Choc Thornton, so before the football match (which he spectated) I asked him if he thought Marleybow would be okay, and he thought that he would be, although will probably be off the racecourse for a year.


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    Very horrible fall, but doubt he felt any pain at least. The rainbow bridge awaits.

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    Yes – saddened by his demise, thought he may have been distracted by the loose horse in front of him.

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