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    A few really good scores again today. No perfect scores yet but nearest was The Bairn who scored 10 out of a possible 12 today.

    Grizzo and Superslippers have drawn a couple of lengths clear but only halfway and lots more ups and downs to come I’m sure.

    (Rule update – if you nominate your Nap in a match where there is a non-runner that match will be void and your Nap will be on the first match in the days feature race. – If you wish you can choose a reserve nap).<br><br>Scores after Day 2

    Superslippers-16<br>Grizzo-16<br>Aranalde-14<br>Chetnole-13<br>Pat123-13<br>Fancied Horse Layer-13<br>Doyley-13<br>Bilko-13<br>The Bairn-13<br>Danny-12<br>Johnny B-12<br>Adrian-12<br>Roland-12<br>Bob Rolf-12<br>Sugar Turkey-11<br>Matty-11<br>Scottish Jamie-11<br>Flatseasonlover-11<br>Non Vintage-11<br>David Johnson-10<br>Sal-10<br>Manugirl-10<br>Aragorn-9<br>David Brady-9<br>Kevin-8<br>Seven Towers-7<br>Benji-7<br>Michael Walsh-7<br>Young Mick-5<br>Jamsym-5<br>Grundy-5<br>APHardy-5<br>Grimes-3<br>

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