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    CHELTENHAM – The Big Match

    Yesterday’s two leaders Grizzo and Superslippers continue to pile on the pressure with an 8 and a 7 respecively today but there are plenty in with chances just behind.

    Non Vintage was the day’s top scorer and the only person to get into double figures on the day with 10 and he moves into contention although he may yet rue that slow start on Tuesday.

    FanciedHorseLayer and The Bairn both scored 9 to move within two lengths of the lead but Sal’s 9 may be to no avail as her second day 3 looks to have dealt a hammer blow to her hopes.

    It would appear likely that the winner will come from one of the seven players on 20 points or more but with a potential 15 points at stake on the last day there is still time for a remarkable burst of acceleration from one of those further back.

    Scores after Day 4<br> <br>Grizzo-24<br>Superslippers-23<br>Fancied Horse Layer-22<br>The Bairn-22<br>Non Vintage-21<br>Aranalde-20<br>Adrian-20<br>Doyley-19<br>Johnny B-19<br>Roland-19<br>Scottish Jamie-19<br>Sal-19<br>Pat123-18<br>Bilko-18<br>Bob Rolf-18<br>Matty-18<br>Chetnole-17<br>Sugar Turkey-17<br>Flatseasonlover-16<br>Danny-15<br>Manugirl-14<br>David Brady-14<br>Michael Walsh-14<br>Aragorn-13<br>Grundy-13<br>Benji-11<br>APHardy-11<br>David Johnson-10<br>Kevin-8<br>Seven Towers-7<br>Young Mick-5<br>Jamsym-5<br>Grimes-3<br>

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