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    Triumph – Gardens Of Babylon EW @ 25/1 (William Hill)

    RSA – Delta Work Win @ 9/2 (Betfair Sportsbook)

    Please ignore the JLT bet I mistakingly posted last week, unless Segal has put one up in that race.

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    Ballymore Ask Ben 33/1 EW various
    RSA Vinndication 20/1 Win various
    Triumph Carlo Biraghi 16/1 Win various

    Hot FussHot Fuss
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    Triumph – Pic D’Orhy 16/1 E/W (Sportsbook)

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    Triumph – Pic D’Orhy 16/1 E/W (Sportsbook)

    Red Rum 77Red Rum 77
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    When can we submit our JLT selection, VTC ? :mail:

    silent assassins
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    RSA Vindication e/w 20/1 hills
    Triumph Carlo Biraghi 16/1 various win

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Not doing the JLT Neil, I’ll keep it to the ten races so far, considering the current situation.

    Red Rum 77Red Rum 77
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    Fair Enough. :good:

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    apologies been away for a little bit and missed some of these

    Ballymore – Champ 3/1 various
    RSA Chase – on the Blind Side 20/1 WH
    Truimph – Couer Sublime 25/1 Lad

    is there a collated list of any others I am missing, or ill just go through whole thread


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    Am I alright to stop studying then Bobby? LOL

    The ten we have are the final ten races yes ?

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Yeah, that’s the final ten Raymo, keeping it tight, and with the uncertainty recently, thought it best to leave it st that.

    Rooster, strictly speaking, no more entries allowed, but I don’t think anyone could find your selections controversial, and prices same as when the races were covered, so happy to accept them.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Entries Closed

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Guys, here’s the runners for Day One, Good Luck.

    Pricewise +11.25
    Aaronizneez -7.5
    Autumnal +15
    BigG -20
    Botchy1 -13.75
    Cheltenham Novice Chase -20
    Goodfellow -20
    Greenasgrass -20
    Hot Fuss -20
    Jackh1092 +0
    Jasolong -20
    Joliff -20
    KevMcAlley -20
    KingSprinterSacre -17.5
    Kris -20
    Lemons68 -20
    MarkTT -20
    Middle of March -20
    Mike007 -20
    Nathan Hughes -20
    Pants -20
    Peterh -20
    Pointer -20
    Pontisback -20
    Raymo61 -20
    Red Rum 77 -20
    Roosterbooster -20
    Silent Assassins +4
    The Cheltenham Tent -20
    The Krypton Factor -11.75
    Triptych -20
    Venture to Cognac -20

    Champion Hurdle
    Pricewise – Espoir D’Allen 25’s EW
    Aaronizneez – Silver Streak 50’s EW
    Autumnal – Espoir D’Allen 28’s EW
    Cheltenham Novice Chase – Brain Power 16’s Win
    Greenasgrass – Melon 10’s Win
    Hot Fuss – Sharjah 10’s EW
    Jasolong – Buveur D’Air 6-4 Win
    Joliff – Laurina 3’s Win
    KevMcAlley – Apples Jade 20’s EW
    KingSprinterSacre – Melon 10’s EW
    MarkTT – Sharjah 10’s EW
    Mike007 – Melon 10’s Win
    Pants – Sharjah 10’s EW
    Pointer – Brain Power 14’s EW
    Pontisback – Melon 10’s Win
    Raymo61 – Brain Power 16’s EW
    Roosterbooster – Buveur D’Air 6-4 Win
    Silent Assassins – Laurina 4’s Win
    The Cheltenham Tent – Verdana Blue 12’s Win
    The Krypton Factor – Apples Jade 20’s EW

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Last years winner Autumnal is off to a flyer again, which is just as well, as Pricewise also went with Espoir D’Allen.

    Fantastic call Autumnal

    Well done to Jack, and Assassins with the opener, and the rest of you with each ways, including Aaronizneez, who dug out Silver Streak.

    Autumnal +15
    Pricewise +11.25
    Silent Assassins +4
    Jackh1092 0
    Aaronizneez -7.5
    TheKryptinFactor -11.75
    Botchy -13.75
    KingSprinterSacre -17.5

    Pricewise – City Island 33’s EW
    Autumnal – Battleoverdoyen 6’s Win
    BigG – Battleoverdoyen 6’s Win
    Cheltenham Novice Chase – Battleoverdoyen 6’s Win
    Greenasgrass – Commander of Fleet 20’s EW
    Jackh1092 – City Island 33’s EW
    Jasolong – Champ 9-2 Win
    KevMcAlley – Battleoverdoyen 6’s EW
    KingSprinterSacre – Battleoverdoyen 6’s Win
    Kris – Jarveys Plate 20’s EW
    Lemons68 – Beakstown 18’s EW
    Middle of March – Champ 4’s Win
    Mike007 – Champ 9-2 Win
    Nathan Hughes – Battleoverdoyen 6’s Win
    Pants – Champ 4’s Win
    Peterh – Commander Of Fleet 20’s EW
    Pointer – Jarveys Plate 20’s EW
    Pontisback – Beakstown 18’s EW
    Raymo61 – Battleoverodyen 6’s EW
    Silent Assassins – Champ 7-2 Win
    The Krypton Factor – Battleoverdoyen 6’s Win
    Triptych – Champ 9-2 Win
    Venture to Cognac – Sam’s Profile 25’s EW

    Pricewise – Topofthegame 8’s Win
    BigG – Topofthegame 8’s Win
    Cheltenham Novice Chase – On The Blind Side 25’s EW
    Goodfellow – Mortal 20’s Win
    Greenasgrass – Drovers Lane 33’s EW
    Hot Fuss – Delta Work 5’s Win
    Jasolong – Delta Work 5’s Win
    KevMcAlley – Santini 3’s Win
    KingSprinterSacre – Delta Work 5’s Win
    Kris – Topofthegame 8’s EW
    Lemons68 – Delta Work 9-2 Win
    MarkTT – The Worlds End 40’s EW
    Middle of March – Delta Work 5’s Win
    Mike007 – Santini 3’s Win
    Nathan Hughes – Santini 3’s Win
    Pants – Topofthegame 8’s Win
    Peterh – Topofthegame 8’s EW
    Pontisback – Santini Win 7-2
    Raymo61 – Now McGinty 50’s EW
    Roosterbooster – On The Blind Side 20’s EW
    The Krypton Factor – Delta Work 9-2 Win
    Triptych – Santini 7-2 Win

    Champion Chase
    Pricewise – Min 12’s EW
    Aaronizneez – Castlegrace Paddy 50’s EW
    Autumnal – Min 12’s Win
    BigG – Castlegrace Paddy 50’s EW
    Botchy1 – Castlegrace Paddy 50’s EW
    Greenasgrass -Min 12’s EW
    Hot Fuss – Min 12’s EW
    Jackh1092 – Sceau Royal 20’s EW
    Jasolong – Min 12’s EW
    Lemons68 – Hells Kitchen 66’s EW
    MarkTT – Sceau Royal 20’s EW
    Mike007 – Sceau Royal 20’s EW
    Pants – Castlegrace Paddy 50’s EW
    Pontisback – Sceau Royal 20’s EW
    Silent Assassins – Min 12’s EW
    The Krypton Factor – Castlegrace Paddy 50’s EW
    Triptych – Gods Own 50’s EW

    Scores will be late in today

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    Oh dear that is us all blown away by pricewise then!! :cry: :cry:

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