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    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    No I didn’t see it Steve. Will keep my eyes out on ATR when their ride of the year highlights start.

    You might be waiting a while for it to appear on ATR.

    Here you go.

    Thanks for that BH, I couldn’t find it, nor did I expect to see it under Surinamese Honcho :?

    Hopefully other viewers will conclude that Ryan’s daring dash to the other side of the track made the big difference and left his horse with much more to give in the closing stages than those who stayed on the opposite side.

    Vote Moore and vote often people, in fact, vote Moore Often.

    Thanks for the good crack. Time for me to move on. Be lucky.

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Last day to get your nominations in.
    I’ll get the voting lines open later tonight or tomorrow morning.

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    Right. Year or several since I’ve filled one of these in, so here goes:

    Poster of the Year:

    Venture To Cognac

    Flat jockey of the Year:

    James Doyle

    Jump jockey of the Year: The masterclasses on Mission Complete and Bob Keown at Worcester on the same June evening were simply without equal all year. Well done again,

    AP McCoy


    Villain of the Year:

    Daily Mirror on Wigmore Hall

    . The paper should have known better, even if the malevolent forces providing them with the photos do not.

    Hero of the Year:

    Sir Peter O’Sullevan

    . Not perhaps an obvious selection at first thought, but nominated on account of the


    interview that concerned his first absence from the Arc meeting for maybe six decades. The customary grace and wisdom with which he considered tempus fugit and his increasing infirmity was humbling, poignant, and compelling.

    Flat Horse of the Year:


    . Still all potential after producing the best display you’ll probably ever live to see around the Redcar swarde. Thrilled that the gentleman Candy could have a genuine top-notcher on his hands.

    Jumps Horse of the Year:

    Balthazar King

    . The equine equivalent of a plus sign. I can’t thank him enough for his flying the flag for cross-country races here and abroad, to say nothing of his sterling effort in the National.

    Flat Trainer of the Year:

    David O’Meara

    . Pearls from swine.

    Jumps Trainer of the Year:

    Dr Richard Newland

    . Less for Pineau De Re, and more so for the other astute purchases-cum-subsequent improvers he’s had through his hands this year.

    Owner of the Year:

    Professor Caroline Tisdall

    . An enthusiastic, ever-present and important owner for David Pipe, as well as one with a background that’d fill a novel or several.

    One To Watch in 2015: That would be



    Racing Journalist of the Year:

    Simon Rowlands

    , for blowing Wetherby’s cover regarding incorrect race distances sky-high and indirectly causing other tracks to reappraise prevailing practice.

    Racing Broadcaster of the Year:

    Lydia Hislop

    by a distance.

    Commentator of the Year:

    Gareth Topham


    Racecourse of the Year:

    Balcormo Mains

    . Britain’s northernmost racecourse, and back in action in April 2014 after two years lain low. An outstanding Pointing venue in the best condition it’s possibly ever been.

    Riding Performance of the Year:

    AP McCoy, Mission Complete, Worcester 10/06/14



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