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    I’m sure most people will have read about the fiasco at Tramore this week. If you have not, a 14 runner 2m 5f chase "ended" a circuit too early, commentator and judge called the result, however, eventually 5 runners continued. The stewards on the day handed out 5 day bans to the nine riders who effectively "pulled up" after 1m 5f.

    The Irish Turf Club now say that they are reviewing these bans – with the inference being they are going to be made longer. Am I the only one wondering what they are going to do to the judge? Surely his/her position is untenable.

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    The whole thing was a farce Lyphard and it was scandalous the race wasn’t declared void, all the jockeys should have had bans including those who eventually carried on. The judge was amazingly backed by someone from the ITC on ATR yesterday.

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    i saw that interview with the irish racing press officer on atr yesterday and whilse not liking to criticise the presenter have to say he gave a pitifully weak interview to a controversial matter more or less agreeing with the irish press officers comments that ‘these things happen’ and ‘the judges have dealt with it’ and ‘we shouldn’t blame anyone’

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    Irish racecourse stewards were my TRF nomination for "Villain of the Year".

    Already look a shoo in for my 2008 nomination as well.

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    Surely the race had to be voided? I simply assumed it had been…

    Thats incredible……

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    They couldn’t have voided the race as several horses completed the course, albeit after a delay- the result had to stand. The judge is the real villain and as has been said, should get the sack- it’s his job to watch for things like this and for him to call a result was inexcusable.

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