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Tote Placepot Query

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    Can anyone tell me, if there is a 3 runner race and mine comes second out of the 3, does this still count in a tote placepot? i know in fields with 7 runners or less the first 2 places only count but does this get lower if the field only contains 3 runners? i’ve been round to my local bookmaker only to find one of the staff saying the machine says there is nothing on my slip and it doesn’t help with the member of staff having his first day there. Any help would be great people! Thanks!

    Jim JTS
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    In races with 5 to 7 runners , 1st and 2nd count in placepots.

    In races with 4 or less runners it’s WIN ONLY.

    Also if you have a non runner you go onto the fav in the race, where there are joint favs, the lowest racecard number comes into effect. (ie. no.3.= 5/2jf & no.4 = 5/2jf, you’d be on horse no.3).

    non vintage
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    Welcome to the forum.

    No, the placepot in the UK is based on places determined in exactly the same way as bookmakers standardly do, in all but a handful of cases.


    1-4 runners = 1 place (i.e. winner only)
    5-7 runners = 2 places
    8-15 runners = 3 places
    16+ runners in non-handicap = 3 places
    16+ runners in handicap = 4 places

    There are occasional variations normally involving 4 places counting in some big field non-handicaps, but there are literally only one or two of these each year, and I don’t know whether this has happened recently.

    For Irish placepots, all 16+ runner fields have 4 placepot places.

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    Ok, thank you all for your help and information, must obliged! Take care and keep up the good work. :)

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