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    Just wondering if any one has tried or still using any tipster services. I have subscribed to quite a few including; Jock mckraken, Julian Barker, Michael Rose, David Charles, All England racing club, Peter Edwards acumaltor service, James Collins and quite a few more. I have been using these services with varying success. Some are completely rubbish others are ok. Do tipster have form or good runs or are they all just as s**t

    as each other? I will be very interested to hear any ones views or opinions. I will be also willing to trade services or information if anyone has a decent tipster they are using. There are so many of these services out there promising the answer to all you bad racing day prayers. I would just like what any one else thinks.

    Sailing Shoes
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    It’s a very quick way to a very poor house – with no fun involved…..

    Try the conventional method of picking your own horses – you’re likely to lose – but may have some fun along the way. IMO that is what the game is all about.

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    Hmmmmmmmmm……………first post asking about tipping services…………I must be getting cynical in my old age.;)

    Welcome to the forum, jimmyk.


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    ‘Ere we go folks….

    "However, there is one service I’ve tried…" etc etc etc


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    I suggest you look at

    The site is free to browse and keeps a record of about 100 tipster’s selections over a long period of time.

    If you believe that tipsters are the answer to profitable betting, read it and weep.

    There are a few who have made a long term profit(no mean feat), but the vast majority are up one month and down the next, averaging out at a loss of about 10% on stakes. This is the same as backing unnamed favourites or the Racing Post Rating top-rated. And there’s no fees to pay.

    Take the advice of Sailing Shoes and find your own selections. Usually unprofitable, but a lot more fun.

    sporting sam
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    Seabird and Betlarge tut, tut.<br>You really should take the wide eyed and innocent approach. :o <br>We all remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears,<br>Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretal etc,<br>This guys been wandering in a forrest of Tipsters and suddenly He`s come to a clearing and found TRF.<br>Alternatively He could be Granny and under that shawl…….

    and He`s nailed it on his first post will we ever see him  post again? <br>(at Least He didnt write in big BLOCK CAPS)  

    dave jay
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    All subscription tipsters, without exception are rubbish and anyone who uses them is an idiot.

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    Quote: from dave jay on 8:30 am on June 14, 2007[br]All subscription tipsters, without exception are rubbish and anyone who uses them is an idiot.

    <br>Sit on the fence why don’t ya ……lol.

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    My service is desperately poor and I wouldn’t recommend that you click on the link below…under any circumstances.

    Irish Stamp
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    My service is the best, can multiply your money 200 fold in 2 weeks, all you have to do is send your £5,000 sign up fee to.

    Mr I Stamp<br>Mansion House<br>Loaded Lane<br>The Posh Part of Kingston<br>Jamaica

    I look forward to hearing from my fellow Forumites :biggrin:

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    Did find the blog entertaining, Andrew: good work. :biggrin:

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    Quote: from Prufrock on 7:22 pm on June 14, 2007[br]Did find the blog entertaining, Andrew: good work. :biggrin:

    Yeah – when he can be arsed updating it!

    dave jay
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    Okay .. so how much would you expect to pay per day for your tipping service ?

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    Mounty’s favourite tipster Mr Laughton wrote to me the other day & didn’t even bother to stamp it. Cost me £1.24 in handling fees & a wasted trip to the PO. Tosser

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    i find them comical – as has been said their p**s
    -poor stats are on the web – if they’re not they are dodgy  as well as crap

    it cracks me up on the sporting life website where they state how steve smith-eccles or whoever’s tips have done over the past 6 months – like lost thousands – and then invite you to pay a bullseye a month for them :biggrin:

    people who pay tipsters i put in the same category as victims of 419 email scams – too stupid to be allowed to look after their own money

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