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    I wondered at the beginning of this whether there were any budding Jose Mourinho-esque figures among us and it appears there is! In the Premiership, where he’s been up against some of the stiffest opposition that TRF can muster, Roland continued what seems an inexorable charge towards the title by stylishly taking care of Racing Daily to complete his fourth win on the trot and, following from the failure of all four unbeaten players in League One to win today, Roland is now the only player with a 100% win record.

    In what was a tough day for punters Roland was in fact the only Premiership contender to amass a profit and three of the games ended in scoreless draws with Corma67 the only other player in the division to take three points. Roland now has a handy four point lead at the top of the table with Letsgetracing his nearest challenger. However with 15 points still up for grabs in the remaining 5 games he won’t be counting his chickens quite yet.

    The Championship is looking a very tight league with the top 7 players separated by only 3 points following The Wizard’s first defeat of the season at the hands of Xanderkir. Fanciedhorselayer beat Michael Walsh to take advantage of The Wizard’s slip up to move into the top spot courtesy of ‘goal difference’. Adrian had another good week and Irsheyez also took three points, sending yours truly into the relegation zone in the process! Arnalade failed to post this week but will be relieved to hear he still managed a point after Anne7 failed to find a winner.

    A change of fortune for the 4 players in League One who came into this week with 100% records. None of them managed to pick up three points today, although Kingmonkey, Jairducochetfan and CelticOK remain unbeaten after drawing their matches. Citygirl slumped to her first defeat after coming up against Slipperytoad, who provided the day’s outstanding performance with an 89/1 double courtesy of Kew Green (9/1) and Red Spell (8/1). That win means Slipperytoad is now within striking distance of the big 4 in that divison. At the other end of League One Rory lies bottom after only posting once (come on Rory!) while Ken1 picked up his first point of the campaign after fighting out a nil-niler with LRM.

    Looking forward to next week it’s Bob Rolf’s turn to try to put the brakes on Roland’s runaway season!!

    Week 4 results


    Alderbrook  (5.00) Vs (5.00) Grey Desire<br>Roland  3.50 Vs (3.28) Racing Daily<br>corma67 (3.00) Vs (5.00)  Manugirl<br>Bob Rolf  (5.00) Vs (5.00)  LetsGetRacing<br>Kevin (5.00) Vs (5.00)  JohnnyB


    The Wizard  (5.00) Vs (3.00)  Xanderkir<br>Anne7  (5.00) Vs (5.00) Aranalade<br>Michael Walsh  (0.50) Vs 1.00  FanciedHorseLayer<br>Adrian  3.00 Vs (3.00) Perry<br>Irsheyez (0.03) Vs (5.00)  Cormack15

    League One

    Slipperytoad  14.00 Vs (1.25) Citygirl<br>Rory (5.00) Vs 0.00  Caravan<br>Ultimate Nightmare  1.00 Vs 1.00  Kingmonkey<br>Ken1 (5.00) Vs (5.00)  LRM<br>Celtic OK  (5.00) Vs (5.00) Jairducochetfan



    12 Roland 7.44<br>8 LetsGetRacing -6.25 <br>7 Bob Rolf -13.45<br>6 corma67 -5.5<br>6 Manugirl -5.5<br>5 Kevin -15.72<br>4 JohnnyB -12.17<br>4 Grey Desire -13.17<br>____________________<br>3 Racing Daily -9.53<br>1 Alderbrook -15.67


    9 FanciedHorseLayer 4.63<br>9 The Wizard -4.03<br>__________________<br>7 Perry 1.4<br>7 Anne7 -13.15<br>6 Adrian 3.8<br>6 Irsheyez -1.97<br>6 Xanderkir -2.09<br>5 Arnalade 1.5<br>_________________<br>3 Cormack15 -6.02<br>0 Michael Walsh -12.56

    <br>League One

    10 Kingmonkey 19<br>10 Jairducochetfan -4.52<br>_________________<br>10 Celtic OK -4.52<br>9 Citygirl 15.75<br>7 Slipperytoad 1<br>4 LRM -1<br>3 Caravan -11.5<br>2 Ultimate Nightmare -14<br>__________________<br>1 Ken1 -12.81<br>0 Rory -20

    <br>(Edited by cormack15 at 11:32 pm on Nov. 19, 2005)<br>

    (Edited by cormack15 at 11:34 pm on Nov. 19, 2005)

    Racing Daily
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    Are there bonus points available for LSPs at the end of the comp?  For example, Roland would get 7.44 pts and LGR would get -6.25.  It would make things interesting.  Or maybe, 1 thru 10 points for the top 10 LSPs ;)<br>If not this comp, maybe next time?

    (Edited by Racing Daily at 2:20 pm on Nov. 20, 2005)

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    Did consider somethign along those lines RD but this competitions charm (if, indeed it has any) is that it’s a bit different than the other tipping competitions and introducing bonuses for LSP would make it pretty much like all the rest.

    I think it works in the competition’s favour to have the possibility of people posting a poor LSP but still be up there challenging.

    The LSP will come into play (like goal difference in football) if two people are tied at the end of the season but other than that I don’t think there’s any need to make any changes. Dunno about anyone else but, despite me now being locked in a relegation battle at the bottom of my league, I’m quite enjoying the format.

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