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Tipping Premiership Week 3 results

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    Another exciting weeks action and hats off to the weeks biggest scorer Kingmonkey who kept up his 100% record in League One courtesy of 16/1 scorer Bijou Dan.

    In the Premiership Roland kept up his winning streak with a narrow win over the luckless Alderbrook, who remains bottom of the table following his third defeat on the trot. Letsgetracing keeps the pressure on Roland by beating an out of form Grey Desire while there were also wins for Bob Rolf, Manugirl and Kevin.

    In the Championship the battle between the two leaders was won by The Wizard and I’m afraid Anne7 now find herself down in 4th place as a result. It took a treble for Fanciedhorselayer to see off the unlucky Aranalde with this being the only tie of the week where both players were profitable. Perry also recorded a treble to move up the table into second spot. I managed my first three points of the season and Irsheyez will be delighted to get off the mark also after a brilliant 4-timer saw him trounce Michael Walsh, who now props up the table.

    A remarkable set of results in League One saw the four players who’d won their first two games all win yet again. Kingmonkey, Citygirl, Jairducochetfan and CelticOK are now five points clear of the next player, Slipperytoad (who also won yesterday), and it would appear likely that the League One champion will come from this quartet. At least one 100% record will have to go next week however as CelticOk and Jairducochetfan are due to go head to head.

    You will notice that the league tables this week include each players cumulative profit/loss. This will be used to settle any ties at the end of the league campaign, in the same way that goal difference is used in football.

    This week’s results –


    Alderbrook  (0.67) Vs 0.50  Roland<br>Racing Daily  (2.25) Vs 0.50  Manugirl<br>Grey Desire  (5.00) Vs (2.25) LetsGetRacing<br>JohnnyB  (3.00) Vs (0.25)  Bob Rolf<br>Kevin  (0.72) Vs (2.25)  corma67


    The Wizard  (0.72)Vs (2.25) Anne7<br>Aranalade  1.75 Vs 5.63  FanciedHorseLayer<br>Xanderkir  (0.25) Vs2.65  Perry<br>Cormack15  1.33 Vs (5.00)  Adrian<br>Irsheyez  6.26 Vs (3.50) Michael Walsh

    <br>League One

    Slipperytoad  (3.00) Vs (5.00) Rory<br>Caravan  (1.50) Vs 12.00  Kingmonkey<br>Citygirl  (1.50) Vs (5.00) LRM<br>Jairducochetfan  5.00 Vs (3.00) Ken1<br>Celtic OK  (2.25) Vs (5.00)  Ultimate Nightmare

    <br>Updated League Tables


    9 Roland  3.94<br>7 LetsGetRacing  -1.25<br>6 Manugirl  -0.5<br>6 Bob Rolf  -8.45<br>4 Kevin  -10.72<br>3 corma67  -2.5<br>3 Racing Daily  -6.25<br>3 JohnnyB  -7.17<br>______________________________<br>3 Grey Desire  -8.17<br>0 Alderbrook  -10.67


    9 The Wizard  0.97<br>7 Perry  4.4<br>____________________________<br>6 FanciedHorseLayer  3.63<br>6 Anne7  -8.15<br>4 Arnalade  6.5<br>3 Xanderkir  0.91<br>3 Adrian  0.8<br>3 Cormack15  -1.02<br>_______________________________<br>3 Irsheyez  -1.94<br>0 Michael Walsh  -12.06

    <br>League One

    9 Kingmonkey  18<br>9 Citygirl  17<br>______________________________<br>9 Jairducochetfan  0.48<br>9 Celtic OK  0.48<br>4 Slipperytoad  -13<br>3 LRM  4<br>1 Ultimate Nightmare  -15<br>0 Ken1  -7.81<br>__________________________<br>0 Caravan  -11.5<br>0 Rory  -15

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    Andrew Hughes
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    Congrats to Fancied Horse Layer on an excellent performance – 3/5 is not to be sniffed at

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    A truly fantastic competition corm.. Enjoying every minute of it down here in the blood and guts of league One :biggrin:

    A thought for next year? Any chance you could include a cup competition in addition to the league so the minnows can take on the high flying ‘Ambrovich’ bank rolled chaps (and chap-ess :biggrin: ) in the premiership?<br>

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