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Thursday 8th February

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    Huntingdon.<br>Abandoned<br>Southwell.<br>13:30 GRANGE LILI +3<br>14:00 MAGIC AMOUR +1<br>14:30 BLUE HILLS +1<br>15:00 POWER ALERT +1<br>15:30 WATERSIDE +4<br>16:00 JOCHESKI +1<br>16:30 TACKCOAT +2<br>Taunton.<br>13:50 I’M LOVIN IT +6<br>14:20 WISE OWL +5<br>14:50 BE BE KING +2<br>15:20 MAGICAL QUEST +2<br>15:50 GUSTAVO +2<br>16:20 WIZARD OF EDGE +1<br>16:50 ROCKYS GIRL +2<br>Clonmel.<br>14:05 CANDY GIRL +6<br>15:05 JOUEUR D’ESTRUVAL +4

    Today’s Total Recommended Stakes = 43 points

    Wednesday’s List gave 0 winners from 7 selections, a strike rate of 0%.<br>Highest s.p: None<br>Lowest s.p: None<br>Level Stakes Profit/Loss: – 7.00<br>Recommended Profit/Loss: – 18.00<br>February’s Stats.<br>23 winners from 107 selections (3n.r), a strike rate of 22%<br>Highest s.p: 12/1<br>Lowest s.p: 1/10<br>Level Stakes Profit/Loss: – 44.63<br>Recommended Profit/Loss: – 82.55

    madman marz
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    Been the  new guy I might aswell get my 2 pence worth in.

    Madiba 2.30S EW, Joe Fanning back on board take the hint, Victory Quest last years winner danger probably laid out for the race.

    Beau Nash 3.20 only triumph entry should beat this lot, the form horse in the race is nothing special.

    Coppermalt 3.50<br>Mullins Bay 5.50

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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