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    HI all, as this is my first stab at the forum i am going to begin by introducing myself.

    My name is Adrian and i work in the Betting Industry with William Hill, also part time helping the other half with her Avon round as well as having Three Children.

    Anyway enough of that i am after anyone’s ideas for this weeks golf tournaments, i myself am quite sweet on Ernie, Trevor Immelman and Arron Oberholser as alternatives to the main man El Tigre.

    On the European Scene, Andres Romero and Alex Cjeka make some appeal.

    Finally the ladies and will be going it alone with Angela Park, anyone who can put something my way will be gratefully appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum Wakeman.

    Going it alone with Angela Park eh? Does your wife know about that one?

    I agree that an Ernie win is imminent and this week could be it.

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    Welcome Wakeman. It’s difficult to see Tiger not going close in the BMW. He will be very keen ( not that he’s never keen to win any tournament ) following his defeat in the last tournament at Boston and he has a good record here.
    I think that Immelman has a great future in the game but I don’t think he’s playing well enough at the moment to win this even though he obviously likes the course as he won here last year. As you probably know he caught a bad virus at the Masters and lost 2 stone and since then he has only played really well once ( the PGA ). I think he’ll play one or maybe two good rounds but not be strong enough over the 4 days.

    Oberholser has been playing very good lately now that he has got over his back problems and could be a danger to Tiger. Ernie has been let down by his putting recently – if he can get his putting act together then he’ll go very close. I think Tiger will probably win but somebody could suddenly hit top form and beat him. I reckon Ogilvy or Els might do it?

    I’ll only be backing one player who is Adam Scott who I seem to be folowing over a cliff. I keep expecting him to win soon and have bet on him in his last 6 tournaments. I’ll be laying a lot of players not to win in running ( at appropriate odds of course ) with Els, Ogilvy, Oberholser, Stricker, Baddeley and O’Hair being the main ones I will not be laying to win.

    In Switzerland, I’ve bet on Fasth who has had a good year and should play well after a recent break from golf. The other player I like the chances of and have bet on is Erlandsson who played well at Gleneagles last week and has done well at this course before. I can understand why you’ve gone for Romero. Cejka has not won for a long time but maybe this will be his week?

    Sorry but I know nothing about Ladies golf except that there is a mexican woman ruling the game at the moment but I can’t even remember her name.

    Good luck.

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