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This type of thing makes Horse Racing look stupid.

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    The News of The World website report that former trainer Phil Mc Entee who received a ban following two charges of running a horse named Dubai Sunday twice when doped and being involved with others who laid it to lose on betting exchanges is still closely involved with racing.

    Others involved in this scam received total bans of up to 5 years.
    They are not allowed on to any racecourse or any licenced yard.

    However on the 27th June last year when Phil Mc Entee received his ban he was allowed a week to wind down his horse racing affairs.

    Less than a week later, July 3rd he was ‘working’ for trainer John Ryan and then moved to work for Giles Bravery.

    He now works for trainer Michael Wigham who himself is facing charges of stopping on of his runners for a third time. He was seen last week at Kempton leading horses for Mr Wigham around the parade ring.

    The BHA state that he is not allowed to recieve any payment for working with any licensed trainer but has been given a BHA pass that allows him into stable areas and to represent trainers.

    According to The News Of The World he is living in premises actually owned by the BHA.

    If someone receives a ban for fixing any race IMHO that should mean a total ban such as the one given to punter John Mc Crakken.

    In Mr McCrakkens case however he only received a (life time) ban for not bothering to attend a hearing as to why he should end up getting banned or not!

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    Thats an interesting list of names when you consider the stable changes for horses like Thoughtsofstardom, Time Share and Baytown Blaze in a similar time period. Those horses are all owned by Eventmaker Racehorses.

    Eventmaker Racehorses seems to be run by Trevor Johnson who according to a Guardian report on April 4th 2007 had been willing to lend McEntee the 20K he apparently needed for legal costs to mount his defence over corruption charges until McEntee changed his mind and decided to defend himself.

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    What about the bloke running buck naked from 100 yards to the winning post, trying to beat the horses home at a country track in New South Wales a few weeks ago? Your average Joe sixpack would be in hysterics … I would too, but being a horseman I was disgusted by this.

    It was his bucks day too … explains a fair bit!

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    I thought ATR’s Gordon "Brooney" Browns comment of "justice has been done" following Ignotus’s victory at Kelso on Saturday make horseracing look very stupid.

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    The big question in regard to Ignotus, is why the entry for his previous race was accepted? If the horse was ineligible by dint of suspension, then he should have been declared ‘NOT QUALIFIED’ at the entry stage.


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