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Things you loved about 2005

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    The Bravery. Technically stumbled upon them in 2004 but they did very well this year and I got to see them live in uncannily fate-like circumstances for free….one of the best nights ever. Brilliant gig. <br>Moscow Flyer<br>Kicking King<br>Harchibald<br>Hardy Eustace<br>Star Wars III<br>That picture in the Independent of George Bush trying to open a locked door at a press conference<br>Chelsea FC<br>The return of decent music to the charts<br>The Editors album The Back Room<br>Ouija Board<br>Sargeant Cecil<br>Frank Lampard<br>Realising that the blonde fit one who used to present Blue Peter now works for Sky Sports News and wears a suit….it’s now okay to fancy the guy so I think I might. Hurrah.

    No doubt I’ll add more as they spring to mind. Who be next?

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    The summer term at Uni – simply the best! :biggrin: <br>Shamardal<br>Dubawi<br>Hedgehunter’s National and the whole build up<br>My MP3 Player<br>Wireless broadband<br>Joining Exeter CF (Conservative Future :biggrin: )<br>Little Britain and the Catherine Tate Show<br>The hot weather in June and the snow in November<br>The Descent (decent horror flick!)<br>Backing King Coal at 20-1 at Exeter<br>Good food, plenty of wine and excellent friends!<br>The Monsoon clothes range – improving my look all round lol.

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    Quote: from Meshaheer on 1:03 pm on Dec. 21, 2005[br]Joining Exeter CF (Conservative Future :biggrin: )

    <br>Conservative Future – a whopper of an oxymoron, surely :biggrin:

    Jeremy<br>(Cardigan and Slippers Party)<br>

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    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

    Scottish Jamie
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    Middleham on good friday.<br>New Seeker<br>Penzance<br>We are scientists<br>Arctic Monkeys<br>Building my new pigeon loft<br>Walter Smith saving Scotland from further humiliation<br>Spoons<br>Roger’s Profanisaurus

    dave jay
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    No civilian casualties in Falluja – that’s right, not one, according to the yanks. War is finally becoming a surrealist trip, on the Home Front.

    Britian’s Presidency of the European Union – it’s over before anyone knew it had started.

    Starting a permanent job – this is the first year I have been ‘on the cards’ since I was 20 .. 22 years ago.

    Scotland not qualifying for the world cup.

    The New Orleans flood – they prepare for 5 years for a major disaster, get a spot of rain and end up eating each other.

    Brown’s down-grading of economic growth forecast.

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    The peak of US imperialism – now they’re no longer willing to charge into Iran or Latin America because they are beginning to realise that the third world actually hates them with a passion. Took them long enough to figure it out like but now I can make a start on focusing my anger on China.

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    Arctic Monkeys<br>Sleeping Night<br>Fernando Alonso<br>David Cameron<br>Peep Show<br>Worst Week Of My Life<br>Hustle<br>Simon Cowell<br>Black Jack Ketchum<br>Chico Slimari<br>

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    I think it’s been a pretty crap year when it comes to the major categories:

    world events<br>UK events<br>racing<br>music

    But the following stand out:

    The Ashes series<br>The Killers at live 8<br>Kicking King in the Gold Cup<br>The Killers’ version of "Ruby don’t take your love to town"


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    :afro: NOUGHT

          <br>           Fannies 05 thong

      :sing:  You took all my senses that year in the forest<br>           like mountains in falltime you rumbled my pain<br>           like a storm kills an eejit like a roaring blue ocean<br>           You took all my senses just **** yourself five

                    keith the calendar thief

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    Most significant sporting event – The Olympics coming to London

    Least significant sporting event – The Ashes Series

    Most disappointing event of the year – England qualifying for the World Cup

    2nd Most disappointing event of the year – England getting a cushy draw for the World Cup following their ridiculously easy qualification group.

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    dave jay
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    Nice one GH .. I’d forgotten about Galloway, that was a great highlight.

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    Didcot Town winning the FA Vase….team, management and supporters ‘in the zone’ on one unforgettable May afternoon at White Hart Lane!

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    The birth of my first born (James) on January 14th.

    lollys mate
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    Still being under 40.<br> Becoming captain of the golf club for 2006.<br> London Wasps winning their 3rd title in a row.<br> Harrows new temple being started.<br> <br> I loved the last one coz its being built by Indians and they even make the cowboys look good. Might be finished by 2010. :biggrin: <br>

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    ….that’s "finely honed athletes" then.

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