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The St Leger – What on earth are Ladbrokes thinking about?

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    So you get a Guineas / Derby winner..regular as clockwork every 20 years or so.
    You sponsor the final leg of the Triple Crown…here is your big chance, the Marketing Department is bursting with ideas and resources….so what do you do? Well the day after the race your spokesman says, "While I’m confident that the Triple Crown will be won again at some stage, I think it would be naive to suggest to John Oxx that this colt should be aimed at the St Leger"…, no, no, no, no. A million times No.

    Here’s one suggestion (I am sure there will be better)…you offer a bonus for Sea The Stars to win the St Leger…the St Leger is 1m, 6f and 132 yds.

    You offer a bonus of £1,600,132
    £1M to the owner
    £300,000 to the stable
    £300,132 to a nominated racing charity

    You then get on TV and in the press at every opportunity and sympathise with a difficult decison for Mr Oxx but you would love for him to take part and make history (we have certainly made it worth his while).
    From now until the five day decs the Ladbrokes St Leger can hardly be mentioned without your ‘sporting bonus’. It probably won’t even cost you a penny!

    If he doesn’t run you are a winner…through the PR.
    If he runs and is beaten you are a winner again.
    If he runs and win again as you put up a sporting bonus and have benefited stable staff and charities. Insurance on having to pay out can be considerd before the event at about 30-35% of the total sum.

    It is beyond belief that an opportunity for Ladbrokes and racing can be passed over without any effort or imagination being employed.

    When the Marketing boys and girls at Paddy Power and Bet365 have stopped wetting themselves and finished laughing their heads off at their rivals inertia they will probably starting shaking their heads and wish that they had the St Leger sponsorship.

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    I’m afaid you are being naive, don’t take that so badlyy though as I was thinking it would be a good thing for the hosrse to do. Hopowever reading up on it the St Leger would add nothing to his stud value and the chances are of him getting beat bust be more than they would be in say the Irish Derby.

    If he goes on and wins the Irish and say the Champion Stakes that would add alot more than 1 million to his value so there is absolutely no sense in Ladbrokes putting out a carrot that wont be taken.

    They also know the ground was very soft at the meeetings they have in mind for the horse he wont run. If the St Leger looked like a cake-walk and there was no other alternatives who knows? maybe they would say stuff it and go for it. Unlikely but in racing you never know.

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    ‘What on earth are they thinking’ refers to them releasing prices for the Leger to the RP and not putting the prices up for the general public to back in my eyes.

    Bad form from Laddies

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    Fist – I don’t think shabby was questioning what the right/wrong decision regarding the horse running or not, just highlighting that Ladbrokes could have handled the situation in a way that would have been to their (and racing’s) benefit regardless of whether the horse runs in the Leger, or indeed has any intention of doing so.

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    Opps! Misread the thread.

    However I doubt if the powers that be at Ladbrokes need publicity that bad they would risk 1.6 million quid to get on the telly.

    I’m not even sure if the racing authorities would allow them to offer an individual owner a bonus after the fact. Laddys would priobably be shot down in flames as it would almost be like a bribe not a bonus.

    Don’t bonuses for Triple Crowns etc have to be offered prior to the first event not when there can be only one possible winner?

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