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    Andrew Hughes
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    I’m flattered at the interest shown in my swimming technique of choice. Lolly’s Mate suggests the back stroke and David Brady for some reason has a fondness for the breast stroke.

    However, as I remember, in order to achieve the coveted bronze swimming award it was necessary to demonstrate an aptitude for more than one stroke as well as (for some reason) the ability to retrieve a rubber block from the bottom of the deep end wearing pyjamas.

    Mock as you will, but when the country starts to sink, I will simply take to the canals and waterways of this country like a duck to well, you know.

    I can’t believe that a simple animal fable extolling the virtues of thinking ahead has led us into these already well-charted waters, but what the hell. I might as well join in.

    We’re going to hell in a handcart! Hell in a handcart!

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    Britain might be in a state but I know which side of the pond I prefer to be on. How I miss regular cups of tea, sticky toffee pudding and the thundering of hooves on turf.

    Although I have to say the Metro system in D.C beats the London Underground hands down!

    lollys mate
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    Dont be flattered. I was taking the p1ss. I meant back pedaling.

    For the bronze ASA, you had to swim "freestyle" which means, any stroke you like, for 25 meters. (or yards as it would be in your day). You then had to dive in and retrieve a brick from the bottom of the pool and bring it up to the surface, then you had to jump into the pool with your pyjamas (or in your case wynsyete nighty) and rescue someone, by pulling them back into the side of the pool.

    If you want to know how to get the gold, then pm me as I know.;)


    At least us Londoners have the Olympics to look forward to. I dont care how much Mayor Kon says it will cost me…..

    I know it will cost me double.

    But I am lucky that I live in London (as Kon says) and can pay the £8.00 conjestion tax (or £20.00 if I take the 4×4) to go and see this sporting occasion that will only cost us all more, and be probably more embarrasing than anything else we have done.

    We simply can’t do big events because of our red tape system.

    dave jay
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    insomniac  Posted on 8:25 pm on Feb. 5, 2007<br>Can’t help noticing from some of your recent posts Dave that you’re getting just a little p*****d off with the state of the country.

    <br>.. not the country so much, but the people that live in it, for putting up with all of these pompous twits who pretend to be running the place.

    Andrew Hughes
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    Lolly’s Mate, you old charmer. If you’d meant back-pedalling then you should have said so, no need to be coy. I’d have thought a straight-talking man like you would have no truck with irony, but then we live in strange and treacherous times.

    And on that subject,  I feel I must confess something to the Forum. (No not the wyncyette nightie – I much prefer silk) It appears that I have been masquerading as a bronze level swimmer. After checking the facts, it seems that I merely reached the level of (I can hardly bear to admit it) the white swimming badge. Chastened and ashamed, I have amended my signature and would refer all swimming-related queries to Lolly’s Mate, the Duncan Goodhew of TRF.

    However, it has also been insinuated that I was a child of the imperial not the metric era. I refute that entirely and challenge Lolly’s Mate to a duel – birth certificates at dawn.

    En-garde old man!

    lollys mate
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    Touche, you bounder!

    You are definatly 40+.

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    i agree we – society in general – are going to hell in a handcart, or however you want to put it

    declining standards, morals, etc, etc …

    however, it’s not cats or cat owners that are to blame, it’s dogs and dog owners, it’s them it is …

    … i’m a cat owner but if i was to pop out for a walk, at any time of the day, for the sole purpose of deliberately and with malice aforethought, having a s**t
    in public and leaving a dirty big turd on the pavement outside your house, or hidden in the grass in the park on on the local footie pitch, you bloody dog owners would be up in arms – one of these days i will too, i’ll s**t
    on you dog-owners doorsteps, see how you like it

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