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    They fecked up the start i’m afraid

    This is only my opinion, others may disagree, but there are far better horse racing analyst’s working at the Sportsman than at it’s competitor(though they do have the odd one or two) and although these people will probably find other employment, we will be less imformed if they are no longer publicly  available to us

    <br>Just a shame the greater racing public and someone with dosh can’t see this

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    How long do posters give it?

    Racing Daily
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    Without some proper financing, I doubt it will make Christmas.  Apart from which, no national paper can survive with a press run of 20k.  The Essex Chronicle sells more copies than that forfeksake.

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    It wont survive long :(

    Deal with this sort of thing abit in my job and unless theres offers on the table quickly you dont often see them come in at a later stage

    A pity….

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    If, as seems increasingly likely, the paper is going to fold they ought to consider a web-only version or even a straight .pdf copy of the existing paper format. No idea what percentage of total production costs hard-copy printing is but substantial I’d guess.

    I rarely buy it (or the RP for that matter) but from what I’ve seen they seem to have bucked their ideas up somewhat and now have some decent contributors/articles, the quality of which is at least the equal of anything in the Post.

    Wouldn’t lose much sleep if it did disappear completely but it would be a shame nevertheless as, going on it’s recent improvement, it’s feasible it could evolve into something half-decent given time.

    Subs around a fiver per month would tempt me…with the proviso they ditch G Lester.

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    I have been getting it for the last few Saturdays in addition to the RP.It has improved significantly.Personally I think as many of us as possible should buy it -if it disappears we will be left with a RP monoploy for decades.Remember how stale the Post was before the Sportsman appeared on the horizon.

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)
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