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    Hi All,
    I’ve "lurked" on this site for many years (Micky Mo was a prolific poster when I first found it). I’ve never before registered on any forum I look in on until now.
    I’ve always enjoyed reading the forum and have found it’s helped me tremendously in improving my understanding of racing and betting (once the appropriate filters have been deployed!). I can honestly say that I can think of few forums where the levels of knowledge and expertise of that forum’s subject is presented in such an articulate and acessible manner. The quality of debate on here, taking into account the sniping that will happen on any internet forum, has been something refreshing to find and read. I’ve learned more about the sport from reading posts from people who own horses, write about the game or broadcast about it. My favourites tab has been enriched by the blogs I’ve followed from reading posters on here. I’ve loved the anecdotes and reminisences of the people on here who love and follow the sport. I always look forward to reading punting analysis that makes me more considerate about how I bet. I’ve felt cheer when the winner of a race was put up on the big races page weeks or months before and landed the dough. I miss some of the posters who used to post more, but am heartened that there’s always going to be someone else who’ll post interetsing and thought provoking comment on here. Considering this is the internet, and with the anonimity that allows, this site is a treasure.
    The reason I log on is the whip debate. There are many articulate people on here who have an entrenched position on the matter that is unlikely to change. There is merit in the positions of most posters, but the merit of arguing on the internet is more questionable. Debate is great, but some of the dogma from either side has lead to some regrettable side arguments and insults that have less to do about the whip rules than about having to be seen to win an argument. That can be found on any intenet forum, but I reckon that most people who come here visit for more than that. Disagreement is what sparks debate but why let it dominate and damage relations between people on here who all have intelligent and insightful views about many facets of the sport? I guess I’m saying I hope you keep it civil.
    I hope I don’t sound condescending. If so I don’t mean to. I think this site is a gold nugget in the internet mine and though I only lurk I fret for it’s health like I would a young child or elderly relative! My thanks to Cormack who I understand makes it all happen
    Thanks to everyone who posts on here, past and present. Please keep on making this the most enjoyable uk horse racing site.
    Apologies for the length of post and starting a new topic (never registered on a forum before and couldn’t find how to add it to the whip debate thread).
    Love to all y’all

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