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    Since taking over last Autumn I’ve been reviewing various aspects of the forum, with particular regard to the future development of the site. In this context I have recently enlisted the help of some specialists who have assisted me with that review and who will be working with me to deliver the technological and design enhancements that are necessary to ensure the forum continues to thrive and develop (basically the technology is out-dated and no longer supported and the site design places limitations on what we can do to enhance the site, add new features, etc).

    Consequently, we are planning to take significant steps over the next few months to make improvements to tRF in order to make your experience a better one. Broadly, these improvements are likely to include the following:

    1. Upgrading the forum to achieve better functionality and design <br>2. Improving the layout and navigation of the whole website <br>3. Improving our server technology to achieve more reliability and speed

    We do not, however, want to carry out any changes to the site without finding out what is important to the tRF membership and would, therefore, very much welcome, on this thread, any comments that you have about our proposed improvements. We would also like to hear about any other improvements you feel are desirable. Please feel free to pm me if you would prefer to make your comments privately.

    As well as posting your comments on this thread, we invite you to fill in our anonymous online questionnaire (it takes approximately 1 minute to complete and it would be really helpful if as many people as possible completed it):

    Many Thanks<br>Cormack<br>

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