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    Gamble said the men with swords,
    for they have the cutting edge,
    words of wisdom
    none finer,
    from the
    3rd Musketeer.

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    boarded a blue star airways flight to Greed and sat tail end in film four. The mid air entertainment was marred not by tummy turbulence but by THE constant coffee ads and HE/ FOUND HE/ WAS WATCHING something that felt like the mission and looking down to his left there were caffeine clouds in sight but no proper credits and the final destination was completely cut out. Instead of yellow taxis honking down Wall street a bunny boiler passed him in downtown palookaville waving a banner carrying the message ‘you’ve been hung drawn and bob tailed and given the wrong coloured pill’.


    vowed never to watch another film that bred ads again. He/ also had to have the certainty of knowledge it was unabridged. Despite everything he/ tipped her big and very secretly and she – the stewardess, returned him a big tired tenner wink showing him her bridgework as she fastened him. She also slipped something into his pocket – an intro to specsavers.


    was Paul Sheldon’s number two fan and knew that


    wouldn’t approve but /she just had to watch late night Misery. /She felt similarly cheated when they hobbled the ending and left her out in the cold without Paul’s sticks. /She removed her bra first to widen the swing then took a sledghammer to the crouching menace in the corner of the room – but did the decent thing and unplugged it, after /she had watched the dambusters.

    I have a vague memory of that quote Kingfisher but it is also true I am errant and short on lays and plays and giving hyperbole to the much talked about Frankel. I watched a re-run. Some of us have obligations to entertain outside of dodge and I was having a picnic on the grass with cucumber people :|


    Lake murders

    – Ricky did it combined with

    whip issues

    and now

    champion the whoaaa wonder horse

    have saved this house, but there are still other issues, but they can wait possibly for ever, on this last day of this sun blessed double banger.

    Oh to find a quiet spot,
    a small space in space,
    allowing me the grace,
    when I am dead,
    to watch the uncut
    raw and unlaced.

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    I’m a rare poster but then I have never been one for over-indulgence! I suppose I look in 3-4 times a week and if there is a thread that catches my eye, I may reply. I don’t have a problem with anyone on here as I haven’t had any trouble directed at me unlike another forum. It is good to see that the mods on here do their job properly! :D

    I actually have a huge ammount to thank this forum for as through Grey Desire & the late, Daylight, Network Racing (the old forum syndicate) actually had the b*lls to lease a horse in training with me(Tajjree – now a proud mother with a bonny colt foal at foot). The day she won was one of the best I have had in all my day’s racing. To be there and experience the sheer joy from the syndicate was very special.

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    This Forum has come alive again,what was missing has returned,passionate debate with varying individual opinions.Cormack has created 3 superb threads surrounding Frankel the wonderhorse (or not). Bosranic is doing some superb analysis of races,as is Gingertipster and his unique outlook of Value,i have also noticed the old brigade posting regularly and the fresh blood contributing without fear of reprisal.It all makes for a pleasant read and i have been doing just that for the last few weeks.You cant put a good book down as they say.

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    Thank you Oh So Sharp.

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    Oh So sharp
    you mention
    not putting
    a good book down.

    I am sure both Cormack
    and Matron would endorse
    my warnings to all
    on the lurking danger
    of forum addiction,
    and the necessary ability
    to control and
    limit your viewing
    to what might be termed
    reasonable or rational.

    My research has
    come up with signs
    of the condition.

    1. Checking the site on
    a daily basis, rain, hail,
    or shine.

    2. If you access the internet
    to do something specific
    ie. checking your bank balance,
    or purchasing something,
    you will look in here first.

    3. In very serious cases –
    Hairs growing on the palms
    of the hand.

    4. The purchase of more than one silver suit.

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    Gamble, top notch as always :P

    You know I was only trolling around, a vada here a vada there…

    But, what about that Drone, ain’t he



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    1. Checking the site on
    a daily basis, rain, hail,
    or shine.

    Guilty as charged Gamble,i must admit in between my Crochet and Knitting i cant help myself checking the horse racing forums and this one has me looking in several times a day.Being a retired lady of leisure i do enjoy a 25p yankee most days and often take heed to several of my favourite posters on here,thm and Bosranic are my 2 favs these days poor Cormack is proof that no matter how much you know about horses tipping winners is difficult,i will have a couple of pound e/w on PARISIEN PYRAMID tomorrow though.

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    Gambling makes us people alive!

    I agree, I’ve seen a lot of hot, friendly, informative debates in this forum.

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    i do enjoy a 25p yankee most days and often take heed to several of my favourite posters on here

    I suggest you would usually be better off with a 20p lucky 15, especially if you can get a treble odds consolation for one winner.

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    Some may be settling down on the couch to watch Baptiste, but it lacks the impact of the original does it not ?

    Alternatively you could trip down memory lane watch this on Yesterday.

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