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    The Antipodian
    The Antipodian
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    Congrats on those winners Darren!
    Matsyuyama i really feel I missed out on there, id overlooked him, although I had a small bet on him to be first round leader which won but was 33% winnings with 3 at the top. Had a place and palmer my other main bet was only a dhot from the top 20 too so that was frustrating!

    Indeed I do have a fancy for the Tshwane Open, two bets actually.
    Im all over Merrick Bremner/ Hes 5/1 for a top 20 showing and im all over that.
    I also really like Jaco Van Zyl, he was playing well before the Joburg Open and fnacy him a bit. Dont mind George Coetzee, Tjaart Van Der Walt, and Eduardo Molinari either!

    In the At & T Pebble Beach pro am its one man simple, and id be hard pressed not to bet it all on him, absolutyely amazing record here and theres betting without Spieth and Day too, thats Dustin Johnson, he absolutely loves it here, never out of top 10 at pebble beach and close to not being out of top 5 i think including the 2010 Us Open played there. Him and Snedeker the only bets Im even considering there, and as I say in without Spieth and Day will just take those two most likely!

    I havent checked out your bets but will go have a peek now. Good luck to ya Darren!

    The Antipodian
    The Antipodian
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    Got tied up and never posted last night.
    I took in the European Open what was I thought a brilliant bet on Merrick Bremner top 20 @ 5/1. past two years hes finished 9th and 16th and those odds cant be ignored, also took Jaco Van Zyl, who I like as much for his name as for his ability, hed been playing fairly well before his last tourny, and I took him at 15s to win w.out Coetzee and Schwartzel. They are currently in the club house at -3 and -4 respectively so I cant complain there.

    In the PGA at Pebble Beach I cant stress how much I like Dustin Johnson! His form here is unreal. In the previous tournaments here including 2010 US Open he hasnt been out of the top ten. The guy has it all but seems to let it slide at the very crux of the tournament. Anyways I was all over him on his own, but again betting without Spieth and Day at 8/1 yep all over that. I havent been as confident in a player for ages, and though his form is debatable, raw talent and previous form is not. Saying that he will probably miss the cut lol!

    Im doing a saver on two others.
    Brandt Snedeker has form lines comparable to Johnson, winning twice. He is in supreme form and as he showed two weeks back handles the wind which this course will throw up, he absolutely classed the field at the Farmers in storm like conditions was -3 for his round to win, and no other player was under par. He rates the same as Johnson in my books and with current form should be the pick.

    Im also going to take Jimmy Walker who aslo has decent form here and is in game recent form himself, and was close to winnning that aforementioned Farmers but for the cyclone on Suindayn that saw him hit +7 I think to fin ish top 5. Hes a worthwhile saver.

    Id like to note all bets are w.out Spieth and Day, whom I dont think either will win, but to remove two players of their caliber from the result, well yeah Im not taking any chances there. Odds have come in a little since Ive wagered too.

    Dustin Johnson betting w.out Spieth and Day. £50 E/w @ 8/1

    Brandt Snedeker betting w.out Spieth and Day. £25 E/w @ 11/1

    Jimmy WAlker betting w.out Spieth and Day. £5 E/w @ !5/1

    Past Balance +192.50
    Winnings last week Ryan Moore top 20 +£175.00
    This weeks Bets -£160.00
    Balance + 207.50

    Good Luck All with all your fancies! :good:


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    Richard i put my bets up for both golf events this week any views on them and good luck with your bets to

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