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    Andrew Hughes
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    Apparently this cricket world cup has broken records in terms of money taken by the ICC. How marvellous. In every other respect it has been a disaster. As Sambit Bal put it on Cricinfo,

    The legacy of this vast and meaningless World Cup will be despair and emptiness. It couldn’t have ended sooner

    The West Indies is a wonderful place to watch cricket, with an atmosphere like nowhere else in the world. A spectacular backdrop, crowds who love their cricket and know how to party and the greatest cricket tournament on earth. What could possibly go wrong?

    A poorly thought out format that generated no momentum whatsover, unrealistic ticket prices out of the reach of most West Indies supporters, absurdly restrictive crowd regulations (no unregistered musical instruments, no cans of coke, no clothing displaying the logos of certain companies), inordinately expensive food and drink inside the grounds and then to cap it all, the farce at the end of the final yesterday. The ICC were handed the keys to the brewery and two months later, they still couldn’t get the party started.

    The only bunch to emerge with any credit were the players of Sri Lanka and Australia and particularly the Aussies who were simply awesome throughout.

    As a side issue, I can’t help wondering whether with the Twenty20 World Cup being held this autumn, we might be seeing the beginning of the end of the 50-over format at an international level.

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    Agreed – it was a big disappointment. <br>No cans of coke? Surely that must be one of the few good things about it !

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    I thought the "super 8" format was a key part of the problem as it was soon obvious that the semi-finalists were going to be:

    Australia<br>Sri Lanka<br>New Zealand

    and either S Africa or England.  

    So, most of the 2nd stage games were either predictable or meaningless.

    A knockout stage after the initial groups would have driven everything towards the final.  

    The whole format reeked of a desperate attempt to spin things out as much as they could (so they could make as much money as possible).


    Andrew Hughes
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    Spot on Steve, the Super8s generated no momentum. A knock-out is far better, but I would go further. I would keep the 16 teams but make it a knock-out from the start, with all fixtures the best of 3.

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    If you look back on it: groups were pretty good, semis and final were pretty good (apart from that joke on Saturday night). The problem was, as some have already mentioned, that the Super 8’s were a complete waste of time. The West Indies must have spent millions upon millions which they probably didn’t have in order to make this WC a great spectacle, then in trying to recoup the money by playing more matches, have completely drained any ‘spectacular’ elements from the whole event! (Although it was almost certainly the ICC that came up with ‘Super 8s’.)

    I think the Super 8’s was also there to avoid the ’embarrassment’ of a non-test nation making it to the later knockout stages, as Ireland would have done under the old format.

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    Simon Barnes in The Times likened it to "the couple copulating in the hotel room next to yours.  You can’t believe they’re still at it, or that they much want to be."<br>Mike

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