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    All this drone action had me thinking about how technology could be used by the protagonists in racing.

    How about….

    Radio links from trainer to jockey during the race, as per formula one?

    In-goggle dashboard data showing speed and sectionals for jockeys?

    May be wishful thinking given we can’t get sectionals AT ALL for most racing latter is pie in the sky but I feel racing lags behind many sports in how technology is used to get an edge.

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Not for me, the beauty in the sport lies in it’s simplistically
    Man and beast and that is all

    I’m not sure EVERY thing has to move forward and progress when what we have is Perfect

    Maybe when they start the F1 style handicap championship on a cold Thursday night, they could include this.
    It may even attract new blood to the sport

    Member since March 2008
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    Yeah not for me either

    Would be too many accidents with trainers yelling instructions down to jockeys (especially claimers etc) they may act hastely given there bosses instruction and i forsee too many accidents happening.

    Agree with nathan.

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    That’s exactly it Kev – well not exactly but nearly.

    Ham – if drivers travelling at 180mph can take instruction on a headset surely someone lobbing along at 35mh could do likewise. It’d be interesting in the owners/trainers stand during a race wouldn’t it. Some choice language I bet. None of the polite, calm, controlled stuff you generally hear on F1. ‘Get up his inner right now, you dozy f****r’

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    Come to think of it , we haven’t had any Drone action on TRF for a while, bless his wee socks.

    Maybe HE is the secret drone driver?

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    I’ve been droning away in that dungeon that used to be the lounge; the lack of heating in there has demanded long woollen socks, though the return of Gamble has rendered it unusually mild for the time of year

    I tend to walk ‘n’ talk in circles, rarely buzz and haven’t reached for the sky since Concorde was grounded, so not guilty of the Gatwick malarkey; and neither was anyone else I’d warrant

    Mass Hysteria Rules UK

    As for your idea of technological advancing the gloriously still-atavistic pursuit of racing horses by introducing a radio link between Tim Nicebutdim and 9st of flailing encumbrance, I rather think a microphone shoved up the equine nasal cavity and relayed to the PA system would be significantly more interesting, and useful

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    Drone you are as hot as hell right now – positively SMOKInnnnn…so be erra erra erra so cautious if you pop your nose in the coldlands and take yer Captain Scott headgear and sheep scarf !!!

    Bleak is the word to describe it, ever since terminator’s poorly attended forum church was encircled by a strange frozen lake then enveloped the house of ill attended mirth completely, bar the steeple. Jack come back !

    Even Jack pilsen Frost to use his full name R.I.P succumbed to that terrible long past winter’s biting sub zero winds, and was found without a breath, laid our in the deeply agitated snow with his carrot sticking straight up – red and frozen but defiant – and the sneezing birds so wept at his passing – he was no moe… and a book of banned sermons lay scattered next to him and his old clapped out motorbike just spotted by its handle… and next to that a snowflake filled tour map of the UK.

    As for the racing whip – Ginnger may well be right cos he knows things.. but if you’d told me atavism youd be walking home, not with a fly whip, but a highly brass buttoned green army trenchcoat.

    The army were the pioneers of the thoroughbred because they were bored – no bloody war. They have advanced their horse weary weaponry from pinza movements, which tell a past diffrent unfinished story, to remote guided weaponry and the drone. Old lamps for new !

    Now, If you position a buzzing fly drone over a racing horse he might like the fanning effect, but like the old racing fly in the ear he would prefer not and stick to his usual tea and crumpets after the race, and a smack and tickle before. Right Ginge ?

    What’s killed racing ask Cock Robin Rooney ? well its not dead, but easily overtaken by the terrace Joes and the F boys strutting their wives cash.

    It costs and arm and a leg to get in and sometimes to get out :-( but the simpler, deaf Jon proof,three legged race : win loose and poor has simply blown away the Kings stand and all of his flat capped men

    Time to get my stirrups on – I love tall hairy women and need four six footers for my next production. I’m interviewing the twelve monkeys, who win hands down in tbe hair department, but hate makeup so, and will be sourpuss unhappy when I tell them their positions, and I’ll leave them monkey out whose going on top of who. :-)

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