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    A cracking result. Well done to all concerned.

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    Congratulations to everyone really well done – that’s perked me right up. Great stuff.<br>

    Richard Hoiles
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    Echo those sentiments. Well done to all !

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    Well done to everyone involved would say its a really brilliant feeling. Well Done

    Happy JackHappy Jack
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    Emotional scenes, fantastic result

    Irish Stamp
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    Great result all round, congratulations to everyone connected with Tajjree :)

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    Tremendous stuff! Congratulations to everyone, long overdue! I shall open a bottle to celebrate tonight. :biggrin: I’m just kicking myself that I didn’t bother to go! Craig would have been proud.

    Thanks Sean for the mention too :-)

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    Great scenes.

    Hope you all had a few quid on!  :cool:

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    Thanks very much for the mention, Sean!


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    Ditto – laid that filthy pig Kitchen Sink

    Shadow Leader
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    A great result for all involved – well done!  I knew the day Taj nearly reared over backwards with me on her that she had a bit of spirit about her, bless her!  

    So close to pulling off the each way doub with Teddy [Kahlua] Bear too – on speaking to Kirsty & Grey Desire I gather the same instructions [of "give him one round the hole!!!"] were being yelled at Wolves the same as they were in Gib…..:biggrin:

    Good plug there too Sean – fair play!

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    Very well done to everyone concerned, including trainer and jockey. An extremely well deserved success. Fantastic stuff.

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    Well done!!! :biggrin:

    Grey Desire
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    Typical,I don’t set the vid as I thought they would just show the races and would show the replays of the other meets in between races.<br>I can watch the replay in the morning so no worries,but it would have been nice to hear Sean’s comments.

    As SL has intimated it was a very emotional day for all.<br>To finally have that winner is a real buzz and yes it was a poor race but she could have more to offer.<br>We’ve yet to see her have a real crack on turf yet and on a straight track as well so who knows?

    I’m just so pleased for everyone involved in the syndicate and for Kirsty and Brian (yet again Kirsty has managed to find a bargain as Taj only cost 800 guineas unraced from Darley).

    It is safe to say I was a little bit too voiciferous in the closing stages and I hope the ears of those surrounding me will recover in time.

    Most importantly we have managed to win a race for Craig and I’m sure he will have been looking down at us all with a huge great big smile on his face.<br>

    Racing Daily
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    A pleasing result.  Well done to all concerned.

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