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    Week 3 Review

    Reds march on<br>Manugirl is now the only player in any division with a 100% record still intact following her win over her nearest Premiership challenger Letsgetracing. Manugirl wasn’t in top form but a solitary 7/2 winner was enough to take care of winnerless LGR.  Racing Daily, Irsheyez and Kevin all won to remain within three points of the lead while LGR’s defeat plunges him from second into the bottom half of the table. Bad news also for last season’s champion Roland whose best performance of the season wasn’t quite enough to deal with Corma67.

    Adrian casts a spell<br>Adrian must have had The Wizard wishing he possessed some of Harry Potter’s spellbinding talents as he notched up a nice treble to go to the top of the table and send the pointy-hatted one to the basement. Anne7 joined Adrian on 7 points as she narrowly defeated Bob Rolf, both players notching a good profit with Anne7 narrowly edging it. The precarious nature of the early season skirmishes will be keenly felt by Bob as he tumbled from last week’s top spot to the bottom half of the table in one fell swoop despite having a couple of decent winners. Jairducochetfan also won to make it a three way tie at the top. Also worthy of note is Slipperytoad who remains undefeated after his third draw in a row during which he has failed to find a single winner, a competition record. A ‘Slippery’ customer indeed!

    Citygirl taking the monkey<br>On the final day of last season Citygirl scuppered Kingmonkey’s promotion hopes with a defeat and CG repeated the dose again yesterday to notch her first points of the season. The day’s two biggest priced winners came in this division courtesy of Caravan, who provided the day’s biggest score with a 12/1 winner backed up by a nice 6/1 scorer, and LRM, whose 9/1 winner was enough to give 2-y-o tipster a reality check. The battle to avoid the dreaded drop into non-league tipping is hotting up too and 2-y-o tipster, whose sparkling early season form is now beginning to wane just a little, finds himself one of 6 players anchored on 3 points at the bottom. At the top neither Arnalade or Ken1 could find a winner but as they were playing each other both secured a point and are now joint leaders with 7 points apiece.

    Week 3 Results

    Premiership<br>Johnny B  (2.80) Vs 1.73  Irsheyez<br>Roland  2.98 Vs 3.50  Corma67<br>Letsgetracing (5.00) Vs (0.50) Manugirl<br>Racing Daily  2.53 Vs 0.00  Grey Desire<br>Kevin  2.00 Vs (5.00)  Fanciedhorselayer

    <br>Championship<br>Jairducochetfan  (3.27) Vs (5.00)  Xanderkir<br>Anne7  4.00 Vs 3.00  Bob Rolf<br>Perry  (5.00) Vs (1.07)  Michael Walsh<br>The Wizard  (3.72) Vs 4.23  Adrian<br>Slipperytoad  (5.00) Vs (5.00) CelticOK

    League One<br>Grizzo  1.00 Vs (2.80)  Cormack15<br>Aranalde (5.00) Vs (5.00)  Ken1<br>Caravan  15.00 Vs 1.00  Sberry<br>Citygirl  4.50 Vs (5.00) Kingmonkey<br>LRM  5.00 Vs (0.77)  2-y-o Tipster

    League Tables

    Premiership<br>9 Manugirl  28<br>7 Racing Daily -2.47<br>6 Irsheyez  9.5<br>6 Kevin  5.5<br>4 Grey Desire  -1<br>4 Letsgetracing  -3<br>3 Corma67  -6.5<br>3 Fanciedhorselayer -10<br>1 Johnny B  -9.93<br>0 Roland  -4.15

    <br>Championship<br>7 Adrian  2.98<br>7 Anne7  -2.39<br>7 Jairducochetfan  -4.27<br>5 CelticOK  -3.5<br>5 Michael Walsh  -11.07<br>4 Bob Rolf  8.5<br>3 Slipperytoad  -15<br>1 Xanderkir  -15<br>0 Perry  -11.5<br>0 The Wizard  -13.72

    League One<br>7 Aranalde  -1<br>7 Ken1  -4.5<br>6 Caravan  21.41<br>6 Grizzo  0<br>3 2-y-o Tipster  14.2<br>3 Kingmonkey  2<br>3 Sberry  -3.75<br>3 Citygirl  -4.27<br>3 Cormack15  -4.8<br>3 LRM  -5<br>

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    Andrew Hughes
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    Excellent write up Cormack, as always

    The irony of going top of League One on the same day that Walsall are relegated from said division is rather painful.

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