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    Week 1 review.

    Week 1 saw a slightly depleted field owing, I suspect, to launching on Grand National day and also my incompetence at failing to inform either CelticOK or Corma67 that the competition was restarting. Apologies to those two.

    Anyway – some good tipping neverthless and a few good matches to get things underway.

    Top scoring trio<br>Last season’s top scorer Kingmonkey opened the season in style yet again with the day’s biggest winner Marachi Band at 14/1 while, also in League One, newcomer 2-y-o Tipster, who dominated the pre-season qualifiers, continued to impress with a nice treble which included Grand National winner Numbersixvalverde. Performance of the day though came in the Championship where Bob Rolf gave winners at 15/2, 7/1 and evens to record a 13.5 point profit.

    Roland defeated<br>In the Premiership itself Manugirl was the day’s highest scorer courtesy of the Irish trained National winner but the day’s big news story was the defeat of last year’s champ Roland at the hands of Racing Daily, who was gaining revenge for having been turned over by Roland in last season’s encounter between the pair. Roland gave notice that he will still be a force though, effectively hitting the crossbar three times with 2nd placed horses in addition to his solitary winner.

    Newly promoted pair Irsheyez and Fanciedhorselayer both enjoyed nice confidence boosting victories while absentee Letsgetracing can count himself lucky to get away with a point after Grey Desire failed to find the net.

    Bob bounces back<br>In the Championship Bob Rolf banged in three winners to put up the performance of the day. Bob clearly has his sights firmly set on a swift return to the top flight following his relegation nightmare last term.<br>A good performance too from last season’s unluckiest competitor Adrian. Last time around Adrian made an overall profit and was extremely consistent but always seemed to run into his opponents when they were on top form and, in the end, he just avoided the drop. Hopefully he’ll enjoy some better luck this season.

    Newly promoted Jairducochetfan and Slipperytoad found things a little tougher in this higher grade and neither found a winner, although both managed a point to get them under way.

    2-y-o tipster bandwagon marches on<br>Finally, in League One, 2-y-o tipster, who made everyone sit up and take notice with some remarkable tipping in the pre-season qualifiers, had everybody gasping yet again as he dominated fellow League One debutante Grizzo, who failed to find the scoresheet.<br>As mentioned earlier Kingmonkey had another great day and he’ll be very hopeful of challenging after just missing out on promotion last season.<br>The other newcomer in the League, Sberry, enjoyed a nice win but it looks like it could be a hard old season in the bottom division for several competitors, myself included!

    Week 1 scores


    Roland  (2.13) Vs 0.00   Racing Daily<br>Corma67  (5.00) Vs 1.61   Irsheyez<br>Manugirl  7.00  Vs (5.00)  Kevin<br>Fanciedhorselayer  0.00  Vs (2.13) Johnny B<br>Grey Desire  (5.00) Vs (5.00)  Letsgetracing


    Anne7  (1.39) Vs (5.00) The Wizard<br>Bob Rolf  13.50  Vs (5.00)  Xanderkir<br>Michael Walsh  (5.00) Vs (5.00)  Slipperytoad<br>CelticOK  (5.00) Vs (5.00)  Jairducochetfan<br>Adrian  3.75  Vs (5.00)  Perry

    <br>League One

    Aranalde  5.00  Vs (3.77) Citygirl<br>Ken1  0.00  Vs  (5.00)  Cormack15<br>Sberry  0.25  Vs (5.00)  LRM<br>2-y-o Tipster  11.97  Vs (5.00)  Grizzo<br>Kingmonkey  12.00  Vs  (0.59) Caravan

    <br>League Tables


    3 Manugirl  7<br>3 Irsheyez  1.61<br>3 Fanciedhorselayer  0<br>3 Racing Daily  0<br>1 Grey Desire  -5<br>1 Letsgetracing  -5<br>0 Johnny B  -2.13<br>0 Roland  -2.13<br>0 Corma67  -5<br>0 Kevin  -5


    3 Bob Rolf  13.5<br>3 Adrian  3.75<br>3 Anne7  -1.39<br>1 CelticOK  -5<br>1 Jairducochetfan  -5<br>1 Michael Walsh  -5<br>1 Slipperytoad  -5<br>0 Perry  -5<br>0 The Wizard  -5<br>0 Xanderkir  -5

    League One

    3 Kingmonkey  12<br>3 2-y-o Tipster  11.97<br>3 Aranalde  5<br>3 Sberry  0.25<br>3 Ken1  0<br>0 Caravan  -0.59<br>0 Citygirl  -3.77<br>0 LRM -5<br>0 Grizzo  -5<br>0 Cormack15  -5


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    Nice write up corm.

    Like last season I notice we should be making serious money following KingMonkey on the all weather, evidently he/she knows his/her stuff. Or is that the reason you do these comps corm, i notice you’ve been going on holiday alot just lately!!:biggrin:

    Keep up the good work.

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    Good work Corm! I had a penalty with an open goal but still couldn’t find the measliest of winners…

    Grey Desire
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    I was a tad unlucky though,Voy Por Ustedes Hedgehunter and Material World all 2nd with annoyingly reserve Wellbeing winning.

    Racing Daily
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    Yep, nice write up Corm.  Just like reading a John Motson commentry ;)<br>Kingmonkey does look the man to be followed for sure.  An a/w guru by the look of it.

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