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    Week 8 Review

    Daily racing to the title<br>Racing Daily moved to within touching distance of being crowned Super Soccer Premiership Champion after posting the second highest score of the day in a comprehensive victory over Fancied Horse Lover. The only player who can now prevent RD taking the title is Grey Desire who remains within three points of the leader after beating Roland, whose good recent run came to an abrupt halt. GD, third last season, will have to hope that Irsheyez takes care of RD next week and that he himself can upset Johnny B. That would leave the pair level on points but GD also has to overcome a fairly hefty ‘goal difference’ deficit (8.52 behind) if he is to emerge victorious, all of which, while perhaps unlikely, is not impossible and it is, as someone once memorably uttered, a funny old game.<br>Kevin’s title hopes evaporated in some style yesterday when he ran into the day’s top scorer, Corma67. A recent visit to the Noseda yard no doubt played a part in the selection by Corma67 of Araafa, 12/1 winner of the Irish 2,000 Guineas, but, whatever the reasons behind the choice it was enough to send Kevin into the doldrums and to ensure Premiership tipping for Corma67 again next season.<br>The relegation places remain undecided but two out of Johnny B, Fancied Horse Lover and Letsgetracing will go down. JB has the advantage of knowing that if he wins he stays up regardless of other results but, as mentioned earlier, his opponent next Saturday, Grey Desire, will be doing everything humanly possible to try to find a hatful of winners.

    Queen Anne<br>Anne7 was finally crowned yesterday when, despite failing to find a winner, she still managed to take a point off her nearest rival Adrian, who will be kicking himself at the missed opportunity. <br>Well done to Anne, thoroughly deserved.<br>Adrian’s loss of form these past two weeks has seen the second promotion slot disappearing from his grasp with Michael Walsh still ahead of him in second, despite MW only picking up a point yesterday, and a bang in form Slipperytoad breathing down his neck in fourth. All to play for next week for these three.<br>At the bottom of the table The Wizard has completely turned his season around. Since changing his selection policy three weeks ago The Wiz has won all three and, with a trip to Xanderkir, who hasn’t played this season, to come in the final game it looks like The Wizard’s spell has worked. The second relegation spot (Xanderkir is already down) will be between Bob Rolf, Perry and Jairducochetfan so good luck to those players next week. Spare a thought for poor old Bob, one of only two players in this division to have posted a level stakes profit (CelticOK is the other) but still staring down both barrels of the relegation shotgun.

    Berry bears fruit<br>While Caravan sealed the League One title last week the race for second place is still well and truly on and several players still have a shot at it. Ken1 did his chances no harm with a nice win against LRM, scoring the day’s best score in the division in the process. SBerry kept the pressure on Ken by beating Grizzo, the pair being the only two to take 3 points this weekend as the other three games were all scoreless draws in what was a pretty dismal day for winners in the bottom division.<br>The relegation battle is still wide open with any combination of 7 players still capable of facing the dreaded chop although one of either LRM or Aranalde is certain to be playing non-league tipping next year as they meet each other next weeekend with only one of them capable of reaching safety.

    World Cup<br>Finally – Super Soccer, who have kindly sponsored this competition, have a full range of prices for the World Cup on offer on their website. Why not check them out if you plan having a bet.

    Week 8 results


    Roland  (5.00) Vs (0.72)  Grey Desire<br>Letsgetracing  (5.00) Vs 2.03  Irsheyez<br>Manugirl  (5.00) Vs 1.88  Johnny B<br>Fanciedhorselayer  (5.00) Vs 5.75  Racing Daily<br>Kevin  (1.75) Vs 10.88  Corma67


    Anne7  (5.00) Vs (5.00)  Adrian<br>Perry  1.37 Vs (5.00)  Xanderkir<br>Michael Walsh (5.00) Vs (5.00)  Jairducochetfan<br>CelticOK  (1.00) Vs 3.10  The Wizard<br>Slipperytoad  (2.13) Vs (3.09)  Bob Rolf

    League One

    Aranalde  (5.00) Vs (5.00)  Kingmonkey<br>Caravan  (5.00) Vs (5.00) Cormack15<br>Sberry  0.63 Vs (5.00) Grizzo<br>2-y-o Tipster  (5.00) Vs (5.00) Citygirl<br>LRM  (1.00) Vs 2.25  Ken1

    League Tables


    19 Racing Daily  17.12<br>16 Grey Desire  8.58<br>15 Irsheyez  19.55<br>15 Kevin  4.1<br>12 Manugirl  18.04<br>12 Corma67  1.07<br>12 Roland  -1.33<br>7 Johnny B  -11.3<br>6 Fanciedhorselayer  -22.38<br>4 Letsgetracing  -24.5


    20 Anne7  -4.95<br>16 Michael Walsh  -18.52<br>15 Adrian  -0.76<br>15 Slipperytoad  -15.09<br>11 CelticOK  1.21<br>9 Perry  -7.98<br>9 The Wizard  -12.89<br>8 Jairducochetfan  -24.77<br>7 Bob Rolf  1.53<br>1 Xanderkir  -40

    <br>League One

    19 Caravan  21.83<br>14 Ken1  -16.12<br>12 Sberry  -9.67<br>11 Kingmonkey  9.75<br>11 Cormack15 -4.45<br>10 2-y-o Tipster  8.78<br>10 Grizzo  -15.5<br>9 Aranalde  -26<br>8 LRM  -19.7<br>8 Citygirl  -26.35<br>

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    Racing Daily
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    Nice write up as always Corm.  Thanks for running this entertaining comp  :clap:

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