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    Week 6 review

    Daily’s Star<br>Best winner, and highest score, of the day went to Racing Daily as Clive Cox’s Kostar went in at 14/1 to ensure RD remains hot on the heels of Kevin, who won for the fifth week in a row to remain at the top of the table, but only two points clear. Grey Desire and Manugirl both slipped up, neither finding a winner, and it now looks like the title will go to one or other of the leading pair although GD will have some hope providing he can beat Kevin in a do or die match next week.<br>Roland’s recent good form continues and he moved clear of the drop zone after notching his third consecutive win. Fanciedhorselayer had a nice 8/1 winner, which was enough to put Johnny B and Letsgetracing firmly in the relegation zone.

    Slipperytoad leapfrogs his way up<br>The remarkable thing about the Championship is that the three remaining title contenders, Anne7, Adrian and Michael Walsh, all remain undefeated. Anne7 cut things fine this week after beating Perry by only the very narrowest of margins but Adrian and Michael both enjoyed emphatic wins, Adrian being the divisions top scorer of the day with a nice treble.<br>The crunch could come in week 8 when Anne7 and Adrian will meet in a clash of the Championship titans.<br>At the bottom Wizard announced a change in strategy on Saturday and it paid off handsomely as he won, taking his first points of the season. He still remains in the bottom two and next week’s clash with third bottom Perry looks like being vital for both parties.<br>Defeats for Celticok, Bob Rolf and Jairducochetfan effectively ended any lingering title ambitions the trio possessed and Slipperytoad was able to move past all three and into fourth place. The froglike one still has an outside chance of promotion but has a tough looking run in with matches against Adrian, Bob Rolf and Anne7 still to come.

    Caravan out of sight?<br>Caravan gave himself a four point buffer at the head of League One as another convincing display, this time against Aranalde, saw him forge clear. Ken1 salvaged a point in a scoreless encounter with Citygirl but knows that he needs Caravan to slip up in at least one of his next two matches, while winning both of his own, prior to the two of them meeting on the final day.<br>Another good day’s scoring by Kingmonkey, including a 15/2 winner, took him into third and he’ll be eyeing up a promotion slot after missing out last year.<br>However, with only 3 points separating the bottom 8 players in this division there will be some anxious moments over the next couple of weeks as the competitors struggle to avoid the dreaded drop out of the league.<br>I managed a much needed win to avoid falling further behind and it’s SBerry who now props up the table, just a point behind me and the trio of Grizzo, LRM and Citygirl, all three of whom will be glad to have managed to score a point apiece despite failing to find any winners between them.



    Roland  (3.47) Vs (5.00)  Letsgetracing<br>Racing Daily  11.53 Vs (3.47)  Corma67<br>Manugirl  (5.00) Vs (1.75)  Irsheyez<br>Grey Desire  (5.00) Vs 4.00  Fanciedhorselayer<br>Kevin  0.50 Vs (1.50)  Johnny B


    Anne7  (1.02) Vs (1.25)  Perry<br>The Wizard  0.00 Vs (2.13) Bob Rolf<br>Michael Walsh (0.48) Vs (5.00) Xanderkir<br>Adrian  2.16 Vs (0.97)  CelticOK<br>Slipperytoad  0.63 Vs (5.00) Jairducochetfan<br><br>League One

    Aranalde (5.00) Vs 2.75  Caravan<br>Citygirl  (5.00) Vs (5.00)  Ken1<br>Sberry  (5.00) Vs 2.16  Cormack15<br>Kingmonkey  6.25  Vs (3.47)  2-y-o Tipster<br>LRM  (5.00) Vs (5.00) Grizzo

    League Tables

    Premiership<br>15 Kevin  10.85<br>13 Racing Daily  12.09<br>10 Grey Desire  6.05<br>9 Manugirl  18.5<br>9 Irsheyez  16.11<br>9 Roland  0.38<br>9 Corma67 -12.69<br>6 Fanciedhorselayer  -14.75<br>4 Johnny B  -13.18<br>4 Letsgetracing  -14.5


    16 Anne7 -0.36<br>14 Adrian  5.67<br>12 Michael Walsh -15.52<br>9 Slipperytoad  -13.62<br>8 CelticOK  -5.39<br>7 Bob Rolf  3.37<br>7 Jairducochetfan -14.77<br>6 Perry  -6.72<br>3 The Wizard  –22.44<br>1 Xanderkir -30

    League One

    15 Caravan  25.33<br>11 Ken1  -13.37<br>9 Kingmonkey  19.75<br>9 2-y-o Tipster  9.28<br>8 Aranalde  -16<br>7 Cormack15  -6.86<br>7 Grizzo  -10.5<br>7 LRM  -13.7<br>7 Citygirl -16.35<br>6 Sberry -10.3

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