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    <br>Week 4 Review

    Kevin and Perry Go Large<br>A good week for both Kevin and Perry this week as the former wins for the third week on the trot in the Premiership to put the pressure firmly on Manugirl, who failed to find a winner and went under to Grey Desire. GD moves into  jt third with Racing Daily courtesy of that win while Racing Daily’s defeat by Kevin robbed him of the chance to go top.<br>Roland finally got off the mark for the season with the day’s best score in the Premiership and, with 5 games still to go and only 6 points adrift, if Roland can recapture last season’s sparkling form it may not be too late.

    Anne takes the throne<br>Anne7 was the only one of last week’s three jt leaders in the Championship to win this week and that was enough to put her in pole position. However, with Xanderkir an absentee this season, both Adrian and Celticok look to have an easy three points still to collect and Anne still has plenty to do before she gets the fitting for the Queen’s crown.<br>Slipperytoad registered his first winners of the season and he could still be dangerous if he can get some momentum going. Perry moves off the bottom courtesy of a nice treble  which leaves Xanderkir and The Wizard in the dreaded relegation zone.

    Caravan parks at the top<br>Caravan moved to the top of League One after another good day and is now the top scoring performer in any division with a healthy 24.6 points profit. Both Arnalade and myself were unable to post and shared the points as a result, keeping Arnalade within a point of the lead. Ken1 blew a chance to go top after going down to 2-y-o tipster who will be glad to be back on track after a couple of dodgy weeks. At the bottom Citygirl and Kingmonkey have shown themselves well capable of getting good winners, having been promotion candidates last season, and neither of them will be panicking quite yet with 5 games to go and only 6 points separating all the players in this competitive  division.

    <br>All three leagues look nicely poised as we approach the halfway mark and there is certainly all to play for.<br>Week 4 Results


    Johnny B  2.00  Vs  (1.50)  Letsgetracing<br>Irsheyez  1.00  Vs  2.50  Roland<br>Fanciedhorselayer  (5.00) Vs (1.50)  Corma67<br>Grey Desire  (1.50)  Vs (5.00)  Manugirl<br>Kevin  2.25  Vs  (1.25) Racing Daily


    Jairducochetfan  (5.00)  Vs  5.70  Perry<br>Xanderkir  (5.00)  Vs (2.80)  Anne7<br>CelticOK  1.00  Vs (2.80) Bob Rolf<br>Adrian  (5.00)  Vs  (5.00)  Michael Walsh<br>Slipperytoad  2.25  Vs  (5.00) The Wizard

    <br>League One

    Grizzo  (0.50)  Vs  3.17  Caravan<br>Cormack15  (5.00) Vs  (5.00)  Aranalde<br>2-y-o Tipster (1.25) Vs  (5.00) Ken1<br>Kingmonkey  (0.50) Vs  3.45  Sberry<br>LRM  (0.50)  Vs  (3.33) Citygirl

    League Tables


    9 Manugirl  23<br>9 Kevin  7.75<br>7 Grey Desire  -2.5<br>7 Racing Daily -3.72<br>6 Irsheyez  10.5<br>6 Corma67  -8<br>4 Letsgetracing  -4.5<br>4 Johnny B  -7.93<br>3 Roland  -1.65<br>3 Fanciedhorselayer  -15


    10 Anne7 -5.19<br>8 Adrian -2.02<br>8 CelticOK  -2.5<br>7 Jairducochetfan  -9.27<br>6 Slipperytoad  -12.75<br>6 Michael Walsh  -16.07<br>4 Bob Rolf  5.7<br>3 Perry -5.8<br>1 Xanderkir  -20<br>0 The Wizard  -18.72

    League One

    9 Caravan  24.58<br>8 Aranalde  -6<br>7 Ken1  -9.5<br>6 2-y-o Tipster  12.95<br>6 Sberry  -0.3<br>6 Grizzo  -0.5<br>6 LRM  -5.5<br>4 Cormack15  -9.8<br>3 Kingmonkey  1.5<br>3 Citygirl -7.6

    <br>(Edited by cormack15 at 11:06 pm on May 3, 2006)<br>

    (Edited by cormack15 at 11:27 pm on May 3, 2006)

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