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Sunday 26 Nov

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    After my initial post as a newby yesterday I thought I would attempt a couple of races today. I filter each runner through 8 factors that have been instrumental in indicating winners in the past. The runners are rated for the number of positive factors attained:

    Fontwell 1.45 Class 3 hcap hdle over 18.5GS<br>1. 3<br>2. 4 Fait Le Jojo 2nd x 1L, 16S 100 days since headed run in – interesting but had hard race<br>3. 6 Dusky Lord Won x .5L, 17G 22 days since driven out merits attention<br>4. 7 Gods Token 9th x 11.5L, 17S 260 days since weakened – goes well on the ground<br>5. 4<br>6. 5 Hawadeth Won x 15L, 19G 67 days since SOON CLEAR, EASILY – can figure strongly<br>7. 3

    Newbury 2.40 Class 3 hcap chs over 22.5S<br>1. 4 Fool On The Hill 5th x 18.5L, 25G 16days since soon beaten – yard 2nd string?<br>2. 2<br>3. 2<br>4. 2<br>6. 3 Mixterthetrickster 4th x 13.5L, 21GF 17days since weakened – a recent hard race<br>7. 1<br>8. 2<br>9. 4 Alphabetical 16th x 49L, 21G 21 days since weakened – may have come on for this hrdl race at Chel<br>10. 5 Stern 2nd x 1L, 20G 56 days since chances, mistake, kept on – expected to improve. G?<br>

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    Formath<br>I’ve tried to get my head around this delayey 1.45 Fontwell (now 2.15)  too and reckon the favourite Dusky Lord may be worth opposing as he doesn’t appear to have put in a really good time on this type of ground. 11yo Hawadeth (11/4 exchanges) may be capable of a last hurrah here. I would expect God’s Token and Fenix to be bigger dangers than the fav.

    ………Hawadath now under 5/2

    1st  5 Fenix (GER)  4-1  <br> 2nd  4 Gods Token  13-2  

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