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    Just asked for £1 each-way Moorlands Again…they laid me 75p each-way. Is there any point in their inclusion in the Pricewise table? By the way I’m selling I-Pods for 16 pence each at <!– w –>http://www.bad-luck-the-last-16-pence-IPOD-jus … ey’re-now-<!– w –>£

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    What’s an ipod?

    Is it like a wireless?  Can one listen to the Light Programme on it?  Or the home service?

    Or is it more like a record player?

    I’m confused.


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    I tried backing Cornish Rebel @ 40/1 with them for the Gold Cup before the Hennessy and was told I could have a max bet of £10 each way.  On rucking with their call centre manager I was told "I’m perfectly happy we’ve offered you the right bet – strictly going by your tag we only have to offer you £5 each way……"   :o

    I’ve also had several of their horse traders tell me whilst out and about that they’re going to carve my account even more than it is already as I’m "winning too much from them" – I’m not!  If I’m a major winning punter with them, going on my figures, I hate to think how many millions their "good" punters are dropping!!!! :biggrin:

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    Bet £3.65 are no better.

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    VC Bet let me have £9 e/w on a 66/1 shot and my account was about £20 up!

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