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    Shall we talk about Belardo Steve? No – let’s not sink to your level.

    I never saw this earlier.

    It is YOU who is dragging it down to a low level Joni. This faux “not referencing something by mentioning it anyway” is proof of that.

    That’s Facebook level childish nonsense.

    If you recall that thread, you will recall stating that I was “magnanimous” in defeat that day, fully admitting I had got it totally wrong. You and other TRF’s had a good giggle at my mistake at Newbury that day. I took it all in the manner it should be taken.

    Suddenly all that is forgotten and you are behaving like a spoilt kid now.

    If you set yourself up tall, it’s a long way down and you should take it the same way you laugh at others getting it wrong.

    That’s my last word on this thread, even if anyone responds to it.

    Over and out.

    Thanks for the good crack. Time for me to move on. Be lucky.

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    Nope, completely wrong…when he asked The Gurkha he just didnt quicken its as simple as that! He had plenty of time to take the gap but wasnt picking up thats when the door got closed but he would of never of won anyway.

    Stop talking out of your pockets and just understand that The Gurkha simply wasnt good enough. Moore gave the horse every chance it just didnt pick up fast like it was expected to. Had plenty of time to win.

    First of all I AM NOT TALKING OUT OF MY POCKET as I have already said I didn’t have a bet in the race and secondly Moore should have switched around Awtaad and then he wouldn’t have got hampered and would have had a smoother longer uninterrupted run!!

    And at no point have I said he would or should have won!!

    I am just congratulating Frankie for riding a good race :good:

    WELL DONE FRANKIE :good: :good:

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    The Gurkha was sat far too far out of his ground, and when the sprint was on he found trouble in running before making up ground too late to trouble the winner.

    In the same way Minding found trouble in the Oaks, the supposed “best jockey in the world” appeared to be tactically at fault. However, unlike Minding, The Gurkha did not have the gears to get his pilot out of jail. O’Brien seemed to be seething underneath the calm exterior he tried to present to the media post race today. One can only imagine the sort of slating young Joseph would have got for that one had he still been stable jockey.

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    If Galileo Gold stays at a mile for this I’ll be keeping him on side.

    Not a penny on him….. :scratch:
    I’d have been happy to have a pop at Awtaad but The Gurkha put me off having a bet.
    Galileo Gold was beaten fair and square in the Irish race but I didn’t think he ran 100% that day. I thought The Gurkha would have won this but Frankie had the run of the race and rode a cracker. The Gurkha met some trouble and it’s hard to win in this company when that sort of thing happens.

    If they meet in the Sussex I think The Gurkha will turn it around.

    Don't Eat The Pie and Don't Buy The S*n
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    I’d like to see GG in The Eclipse

    Never argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience, then onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.

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    Think riding tactics was the key factor here, Dettori was determined he was going to get first run this time whatever and it was a resounding success.
    Would have had a good each way bet on him if there had only been 8 runners in the race :negative:

    Vindicated the perfectly logical decision to bypass The Derby and The Sussex is the next logical race where I could certainly see The Gurkha reversing the form ridden closer to GG which he certainly will be.

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    Dreadful Guineas, eh?

    Never argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience, then onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.

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    We’ll need more information but Ribchester’s win does open my mind a lot. Maybe these three-year-old milers aren’t meatballs after all! :)

    With the worrying proximity of Forge plus Thikriyaat’s laboured effort in second, I am a little cynical about the strength of that Jersey form. We’ll have to watch it a few times though. It was a visually-impressive win.

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    The ghurka probably lost the race at the start giving the winner a few lengths head start. I’ve no doubt on a better surface will prove much the best but well done to Frankie for getting it spot on. It’s fair to say Ryan isn’t getting it all correct at the moment with minding us army ranger and no the ghurka. Aiden was fuming after the prince of Wales funnily enough where Ryan gave the horse a great ride. I think he is just frustrated at coming so close in a few group ones and also one away from 50 at Royal ascot. Both us army ranger and the ghurka have the rest of the season to prove if they are the best. How unlucky is found. I’d put her away now then have one run then the breeders cup.

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