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    Evening all

    Some good a/w racing tomorrow which should throw up some winners.

    SOUTHWELL 12.45 RONNY FROM DONNY 97 vfm 11/2<br>        "                "    J W TURNER 92 vfm 13/2<br>        "                "    ZARZU 91 vfm 7/1<br>        "                "    MASSEY 90 vfm 7/1.

    SOUTHWELL 2.15 JELBA 93 vfm 11/4<br>        "               "   AIR MAIL 89 vfm 4/1<br>        "               "   OSCAR PEPPER 89 vfm 4/1.

    SOUTHWELL 2.45 GREAT GOLD 74 vfm 4/1<br>        "              "    REBELLE 72 vfm 4/1<br>        "              "    YOUNG COLLIER 66 vfm 6/1<br>        "              "     JAMACIAN FLIGHT 62 vfm 15/2.

    SOUTHWELL 3.15 GOLDEN BRIEF 81 vfm 4/1<br>        "              "    NEVEN 74 vfm 11/2<br>        "              "    FLYING FAISEL 73 vfm 6/1<br>        "              "    BETTER OFF 72 vfm 13/2.

    Well thats the ratings for tomorrow hope they prove successful.

    Good luck to all

    Ed:cool: :biggrin:

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    Welcome to this part of TRF Servisair.

    Good luck with your ratings for today.

    Regards – Matron<br>:cool:

    dave jay
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    Hi Servisair,

    On the ratings ‘VFM 11/2’ for example, what does this mean? Is it what the price should be to back (less than that no bet), or what the forecast price actually is. And what in your opinion is the best way to use these ratings, or any ratings for that matter?

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    Hi Dave Jay

    The ratings are computor orientianted and the paremetres that are built into the programme will give a vfm price with regard to form figs, time, trainer jockey comb and racing post tissue price.

    Like all ratings they are just a guide to how the horses should perform under that days race conditions, it obviously cannot take account of trainer form or horses running at the wrong dist or on wrong grnd.

    What I tend to do is take the 4 top-rated and study the form ie will it act on the grnd, will it be suited by the distance, is the trainer in form anf finally is it the price it should be ie the vfm price.

    Believe me it does sort out the wheat from the chaff and while every race or every day will not be a winning one’s over the long term a profit should be made.

    I will during the course of postings put up my own selections based on my reading of the form for that day.

    I hope this as gone some way to answering your query.

    Good luck.


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