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Shoud the lincoln be taken off Doncaster

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    Hi all , thought for a long time that the Lincoln should be held at a course that can handle 30 runners . 22 is too small a limit for such a major handicap in my opinion .

    Any thoughts .

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    Doncaster’s got a reasonabley fair draw bias Honeysdad, which makes it better than most when it comes to big handicaps on the straight track. 22 is enough in my opinion.

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    eddie case
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    It was 24 until a few years ago, it’s the stalls that take the room and health and safety to blame. 30 runners would be no problem for the actual track.

    One of the worst aspects of flat racing for me is horses racing on different sides of the track, can’t remember whether the Lincoln has been run on the round course but I know the Newbury Spring Cup has and it worked quite well.

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    You can’t blame the course, as previously mentioned this is all down to health and safety. Plenty of other courses have had to cut their maximum field sizes too over the last few years.

    Do you think Aintree will be allowed to continue with 40 runners in the Grand National for much longer? Unfortunately this will soon be the next "safety measure" to be imposed on it. :x

    ....and you've got to look a long way back for anything else.

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    Crikey, the Lincoln is a hard enough nut to crack with 22 runners, never mind 30!

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    When the race was still run at Lincoln, the largest field that went to post was 67 runners.

    The great racemare Sceptre was beaten in the race before going on to land both Guineas, the Oaks and the St Leger in 1902.

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