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    Alan Aitken, SCMP:


    In Australia, the application of particular kinds of shoes when a horse races is listed as a gear change, just like blinkers or tongue ties, as is the use of glue-on shoes.

    ….To some form analysts in Australia, just knowing a horse is wearing a heart-bar shoe is enough to stop them backing a horse. To know that he is wearing one of them on one foot and a glue-on shoe on the other front foot is enough for them to declare the horse simply can’t win. Like running with a sports shoe on one foot and a rubber boot on the other, is how they describe that scenario – which couldn’t help but unbalance a horse during a race.

    Here [HK], shoeing changes are one of the very few things that aren’t publicly reported, odd considering our senior stewards are overwhelmingly Australians who have served under that system of reporting.

    It’s all information that the betting public is entitled to know, even if there is a part of you that will say you can get too much information.

    ================================ … 20307e.asp

    any reporting of shoe-changes required in GB ?

    where else is it required outside of Australia ?

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