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    Not sure which was the correct forum to make a discussion about the Shergar Cup but opted for this one.

    I love the Shergar Cup and it is probably my favourite days racing and the highlight of the flat calendar for me.

    I know many will scoff at my opinion but I enjoy the team thing and it makes the entire card and every race enthralling.

    Bet365vhave Europe as the outsiders to win but I think they will probably win and the 3/1 looks good. GB and Ireland look the big danger.

    I’m expecting Europe to get off to a flier and have them as being on top after the first 3 races, any scraps they can pick up in race 4 and 5 will be a bonus and they have 3 chances in the final race which all hold claims of getting points.

    Europe to win team competition

    I think Gerald Mosse must have a great chance of winning the Silver Saddle.

    Most interesting runner of the meeting is perhaps ENCORE DOR running for GB and Ireland in the opener.
    Robert Cowell always sends good.chances to the meeting and has won the dash 3 times since 2010.

    Encore Dor is Cowells only runner at this years meeting. He was only 6th in this race last year but that was off the back of a very busy year. Since the turn of 2018 he had 2 races in Meydan and was kept on the go throughout in tough group races, by the time of the 2018 running this was his 11th race of a year that he had raced on 2 continents. He can be forgiven last years defeat.

    Has stayed in GB this year and has had an easier build up of just 6 races leading into this, not tough races either, no group races so he should be in superior condition this time.

    He is well handicapped and 1lb lower than for his last turf win, and 4lb lower than his best aw win. It looks very possible that Cowell has laid the horse out for this race.

    Last year he had an inexperienced international jockey but this time is ridden by Daniel Tudhope who knows the track well and is also high on confidence.

    He seems to go on any ground so will have a chance whatever way the ground goes as well.

    12/1 looks a cracking price I’m on ew, if it gets beat by a jockey wearing blue then I’m ok with that but hopefully tudhope can start with a winner with Europe taking 2nd,3rd and 4th place :good:

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    Nice post potato, and good luck with your team bet and Encore D’Or, you make a good case for him.
    If I’m honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the format, but only from a betting perspective. I think
    there are too many unknowns, not least being the forced combinations of horse and jockey. For a
    family day at the races it certainly hits the spot, and I’m sure many of the grooms will be pleased
    by the prizes they hand out. For me, as a punter, I’m afraid the jury is still out :unsure:

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    The forced combinations of the jockeys all adds to it for me. This is the least experienced Rest Of The World team I have ever seen. Between the 3 ROW jockeys they have the combined experience of 1 ride at ascot racecourse. That’s a huge disadvantage to ROW, I dont fancy there chances based on the 15 horses they have and when you combine the horses with such inexperienced ascot jockeys then for me it would be a big shock if the team gets anywhere close to winning the comp.

    The womens team does have the experience of Hayley Turner but her two teammates have never ridden in the uk before which again must be a big disadvantage to the female chance.

    Obviously Great Britain and Ireland have the most experience by far of riding the track.

    Europe has Gerard Mosse who has twice before been a winning captain for Europe and has had 159 rides at the track.
    Filip Manarak is making his uk debut today and so lacks experience but Adrie De Vries has won on 2 of his 17 rides at Ascot and has chances today to improve on that very decent record for this track.

    For me Europe has the strongest horses, followed by GB and IRE but GB and IRE have the most experience with the jockeys.

    Could be pretty close but I will be very surprised if the women or rest of the world can win today due to the horses and the lack of jockey experience combined.

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    Enjoy the racing potato- looking at betting previews and podcasts it seems de rigeur for people to start any discussion of the Shergar Cup by affecting a pained expression and saying how it is really not their sort of thing. As usual you plough your own furrow and you’re not too cool for school!!

    A good appraisal of the race and I hope your assessment of the forced jockey/horse combos works to your advantage. I’ll join you EW on Encore d’Or

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    Good luck guys I have also had a small ew bet on Gerard Mosse to win silver saddle at 12/1.

    I dont care what the experts think, I just love this format. :heart:

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    Sorry guys anybody who followed ok the Cowell horse.

    Absolute cracking start for me with a

    1st 3rd and 5th for Europe

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    15 points
    7 points
    3 points

    25 points Europe from 1st race

    Huge chance from here for team Europe. Catch us if you can :bye:

    Also it was Europe’s jockey with zero experience who won so he is now the only jockey in the world who has a 100% strike rate at ascot. Super Filip Manarik :rose:

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    Shergar Cup used to have team tactics (a horse best held up making the running because the team’s best chance of winning is a hold up horse that needs a strong pace etc) which goes against the rules of racing. So at one time I was very much against the Shergar Cup. However, it’s much fairer these days,with the team competition not taken too seriously. So although it’ll never be something am interested but I don’t need to be and can see others are. Racing is for everyone and if it brings in some once a year racegoers then why not? Post Goodwood and pre-York, at least the Shergar Cup fills a gap – has its own place in the season.

    Good luck The Girls. :heart:
    …And anyone having a bet. :rose:

    value is everything
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    Cheering on Hayley.
    The girls don’t need a 3 lb allowance, just as good as the boys.

    value is everything
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    Well done Hayley :good: :good:

    Enjoyable to watch but bets kept to a minimum.
    To be honest I backed a winner and four seconds which showed a profit but the spectacle was far more important than the betting

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