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    no idea
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    I see Setanta are in trouble and whilst they may remain in the short term the long term may seem them fold.

    If that is the case what will happen to Racing UK, or is that part totally separate and nothing to do with Setanta.

    Will the current subscription per month go up, down or with a bit of luck be free.

    Does anyone know??

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    This is interesting, as a Setanta subscriber i get Racing Channel free of course, it would be nice to see the Racing Channel drop their monthly subscription if Setanta do go by the wayside.

    And put it on with Sky Sports package free as ATR is, but i doubt it, there will be a Subscription fee i feel.

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    The stories I’ve seen in the papers suggest that RUK would become a straight standalone channel should Setanta bite the dust.
    It would be logical for them to join one of the Sky mixes but I am guessing that Sky would pay much, much less per subscriber than Setanta.
    It also follows that if RUK had to go it alone again that a rise in price would be likely because they would lose the back-office of Setanta and have to take over subscriptions etc which would be more expensive than it is now.
    With ATR free(ish), I wouldn’t like the job of convincing the paying public to part with £20-odd per month to subscribe just to RUK.

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    Shame because I really like Setanta

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    Hmmm, I don’t pay anything for RUK as it is part of the setanta sports pack that comes with the VirginMedia XL TV Pack, but if setanta goes and RUK becomes separate, would it still be included free in the XL TV pack or the Sky Sports pack I pay for on top of the XL pack….I wonder?

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    It is not looking good for them.

    I didn’t quite realize how much money they have got to find:-

    Regards – Matron

    dave jay
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    .. I’m surprised they have lasted this long.

    If I was retired and could sit at home and watch the racing everyday, I might subscribe, it’s a dear do for your Saturday afternoon punter.

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    According to BF forum, the plug could/will be pulled tonight at midnight

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    And according to the RP the demise of Setanta will not affect the continuity of broadcast of RUK, though whether it’ll still be free within the VirginMedia XL TV pack is another matter.

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    The striking thing about all these articles about Setanta – and there have been plenty over the past few days – is that virtually none of them make any mention of horse racing and Racing UK at all.

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    Yep, I’d noticed that as well, Gus.


    % MAN
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    Presumably because RUK is not actually part of Satanta as such – Setanta are simply the distribution platform for RUK.

    Perhaps it also illustrates how insignificant racing is considered to be outside our own little world :(

    Roddy Owen
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    Well I had RUK before Setanta emerged and it worked quite well. I imagine we will just revert to that system and our monthly payments will go to RUK instead. Just have to watch the standing orders. About £18 a month I think it was.Will miss the boxing and rugby on Setanta though.

    deep sensation
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    The striking thing about all these articles about Setanta – and there have been plenty over the past few days – is that virtually none of them make any mention of horse racing and Racing UK at all.

    None of the articles mentions Arsenal TV, Liverpool TV or ESPN America. Maybe because those channels, as with RUK, are not OWNED by Setanta Sports? They are simply part of the Setanta package, they have nothing to do with Setanta’s business plan or have any involvement in their current financial woes.

    Is racing such a "little world" that even it’s own fans are incapable of working out these things? I’m sure there aren’t any Arsenal, Liverpool or American sports fans pontificating about the demise of their favourite channels!

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    Could somebody kindly clarify the following for me, please? (Although I have been an RUK subscriber since before it was subsumed into Setanta, I am very unfamiliar with the methodology of the business).


    Setanta found itself in administration by this weekend ( I understand from reports this morning that they have gained a little breathing-space) would RUK instantaneously slot into the Sky platform as a go-it-alone service?
    Secondly, would RUK "sell" its racing coverage to SKY for a annual sum or would SKY be simply an fee-collection agency and picture re-distribution system (taking their monetary cut) for RUK?

    Thanks in advance.

    Roddy Owen
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    Like me your contract is with Racing UK. In my book we will revert to having direct service from Racing UK if Setanta default . We need to keep an eye on our payments however. Good article in yesterdays RP. Think we are OK H.


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