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    Noticed this unexposed stayer was trading unusually high on Betfair today. 9/1 was available and knowing Stuart Williams is adept at landing a touch, and remembering how his mob manipulated the opening show price on his sprinter Exponential a couple of years ago by offering 100/1+ on Betfair for small money and landing a massive gamble, I decided to avail. I’ve followed the filly’s progress and concluded the race at Kempton was well within her grasp.

    It occured to me, however, that it would only take a few bob to crash the 9/1 given that the markets weren’t liquid. I presumed opening show would be around 5/1 after a few shrewdies sucked up the prices.

    Betfair went down 30mins before the race and I must say I immediately thought of Barney Curley’s Yellow Sam touch and the way he’d blocked the phoneline from the track etc etc. Sendinpost’s price on the exchange was frozen at 9.4, she opened 15/2 and was duly backed into 5/1 before being sent off 11/2 and winning well.

    Thought it was worth mentioning, anyway!

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    madman marz
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    Your not allowed to talk about skullduggery on TRF, which is why you got no replies Dan. I did and got slated, for been too negative.<br>Sugar and spice and all things nice.;)

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    I’m sure Corm will happily keep up your comments should you be prepared to fund any legal action that may come from them marz.

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