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Seems like a waste.

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    Why don’t C4 skip covering racing on days when the Grand National Derby and Ascot are on and use what I imagine would be a limited allocation of a certain number of days coverage for other days that they don’t currently cover (but used to) such as the Craven Meeting or others when there is not such overwhelming standard of competition for viewers.
    Remember when Bank Holiday racing on TV used to be a good standard?

    Having racing on a terrestial TV when nobody is watching it seems like a terrible waste not to mention that ‘artificially’ but predictably poor viewing figures for commercial television coverage could damage prospects of future coverage if these low ratings drag down the average for the other worthwhile coverage.

    Could be wrong but I’d be amazed if even the most hardened hater of BBC racing coverage or the most casual of racing watcher would have been watching Channel 4 today with Ascot on the other channel.

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    I would agree although I assume they are committed to show the Scoop 6 races.

    If I were running the fixture list I would make sure that the afternoon fixtures during Cheltenham were at ATR tracks and vice-versa during Royal Ascot.

    Personally, I preferred Channel 4’s coverage when they just concentrated on one meeting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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