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    Bachelors Hall
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    Any news on this grand old type? Certainly didn’t look promising.

    If it was as bad as it looked then it’s been a bad season for Mullins should Scotsirish join Golden Silver on the deceased list :(

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    Dead. :cry: RIP.

    Anybody know what happened with Garde Champettre? Hope nothing wrong with that oldboy…

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    Scotsirish broke a hind leg at the Aintree fence and has been put to sleep.

    Garde Champetre seems to have pulled up injured, but nothing further from C4.

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    RIP Scotsirish, :cry: . Such a sad end for a great horse who seemed to have such a future in the cross-country format. I feared for him when he suddenly disappeared as I could hardly believe he would have run out. Condolences to connections who must be heartbroken.

    Ch4 just said Guarde Champetre is injured but we don’t know how badly. I pray (and I’m NOT religious!) for a happy retirement for this amazing horse.

    And speaking of amazing horses, what about the 14-y-o New Story! What a run to come so close to winning it.

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    Sorry to say then Garde Champetre is also gone. A very very sad day where we have lost 2 oldboys.

    Ten Plus
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    VERY sad news indeed – was almost guaranteed to complete – and now he’s no more. RIP brave boy
    :( :( :(

    Gazs Way De Solzen
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    A fine looking horse.

    Blessed Martin
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    R.I.P :(

    The Young Fella
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    RIP indeed Scotsirish.

    You always had a reputation as being ‘ungeniune’ but not with me. Those runs over the Aintree fences with top-weight were so gutsy.

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    Such a loss – so sad to see poor scotsirish suffer such a horrible fate, condolences to all connections RIP

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    Bittersweet day for Willie Mullins, so sad to see Scotsirish go down was hoping all would be fine but not to be :cry: :cry: and also for Grand Champetre such a wonderful horse, it’s heartbreaking news.
    RIP Scotsirish & Grand Champetre you will never be forgotten. :cry: :cry:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    At no time did that great horse Scotsirish "go down".

    Amazingly, as far as I could see, he stayed on his feet. At the time nothing was said in commentary about his sudden sideways departure from the race, and it was several fences on before they realised he had gone. I saw him standing with his jockey and hoped so hard it was something minor. Sadly not so…… :(

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