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Scam or genuine? You decide :)

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    Got this in the post today – sounded such a good deal – I just had to share it with you all!!

    Actually I googled the company (established in 1987 apparently) – no such company exists online! Surprise!!!

    The only George Compton’s I could find were a Canadian Politician and the 6th Earl Of Northampton!

    Anyway – I’ll let you decide if these guys are genuine or not.



    Burlington House

    Dear Sir,

    We are highly respected as consultants on all betting markets, whether it be laying or backing.

    We currently have 50 horses in training throughout the UK and are obviously privy to the finest information. We are NOT tipsters looking to sell you information or a service of any kind.

    You may be aware that racehorse trainers and owners, such as ourselves are restricted by The Jockey Club from capitalizing on their own inside information, as are directors forbidden to trade in their own shares without informing the FSA. Obviously this does not apply to you.

    It is therefore certain that in return for us paying you a monthly income, you can assist us in using OUR money to profit from our privileged position. This is not time consuming. No experience is neccessary and there is NO FINANCIAL RISK to you. Please call without obligation on:

    WEDNESDAY 14 MARCH 2012 – 9.30am – 5.30pm

    Tel: 07900823308

    NB: Should you be unable to meet this IMPORTANT DEADLINE as requested, then please call and leave a clear messsage with your name and telephone number and we will endeavour to call you back at our earliest convenience.

    Yours Faithfully

    Mr George Compton


    Call me a cynic George – but I wont be ringing! Cheers

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    Why I just read your post and left it and went to my email. By a strange coincident I had the following letter in my email.

    Welcome to Your step recruitment,We are business consultants that companies hire to evaluate their customer support services and service quality delivered by them.You have been selected for assignment as a Mystery (Detective) Shopper in your area, and you stand the chance of getting $200 being a Detective Shopper. Your employment packet will include funds for the shopping.We would like you to participate because it’s fun & rewarding.After you Sign-Up, You will have access to training materials.

    Provide the following details if you are interested and send to :

    F u l l N a m e:
    Address (NOT P.O Box):
    City, State, Zip:
    A g e:
    E m a i l:
    Phone Number (Cell&Home):

    David Wise
    Official Shopper
    copyright @ 2012
    Naturally I did not reply either.The timing took my fancy.

    no idea
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    A scam.
    However as sad as it is there will be enough people who reply and get ripped off.
    That is why they exist.

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