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RUK viewing problems

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    Anyone of you RC subscribers having problems watching live races on your PC.It wont let me access the feed and after wasting what seems half
    my week on hold over the phone trying to speak to a real person only to be told that they are aware of the problem and it should sort it self out.
    The TV coverage is fine but for my 20 pounds i would like to get my value(ha ha)by being able to watch my horses lose on another platform.

    phil walker
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    I haven’t tried watching RUK on my computer yet but I know many people are having problems getting it on their PC’s. Hopefully if enough people complain they might do something about improving the service..

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    You do need to phone Customer Services to activate the Online Viewer — you cannot do so via the Web.

    You will be faced with a menu of three options when you do phone. Choose the first option — "Amend Your Subscription".
    You will be asked for your email and a password.
    Some days later you will receive an email with the Online Viewer log-in details.

    All of which is unnescessarily obtuse and protracted, I do agree, but that is RUK for you!
    I finally succeeded only three days ago in actually re-subscribing after an entire week of trying.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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