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    While the coverage was a pleasure to watch on Thursday when there was no gaff meetings getting in the way,today was hopeless with 4 away meetings that may be 6 next year!!
    If Ascot hasn’t yet decided between RUK and Sky sports racing for the next contract…I think today’s split screen fest will have made their minds up.

    Avatar photoGingertipster
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    I think everyone wishes it could be different (including RUK themselves). But it’s in the contract with every course that they’ve got to show every race live. Hands are tied. Would it be any different if Sky had the contract? How many other race meetings did ATR have this week?

    Value Is Everything
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    Youd think the red button hadnt been invented yet for which meeting you want to watch in full screen……

    Avatar photoespmadrid
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    An absolute travesty, coverage of Perth totally ruined! 😉

    Five meetings in one afternoon on one channel doesn’t work, but will be much better next year when RUK have to show two Irish meetings. Triple split screen anyone?

    ....and you've got to look a long way back for anything else.

    Avatar photophil walker
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    Totally agreed they interrupted the great action at Perth 🙂

    Seriously don’t the bookmakers tell the authorities how much racing there should be every day, or is it up to individual courses? Either way there must be a way to limit the amount of race meetings, especially on the majority of Saturdays.

    As espmadrid says next year there could be up to 7 meetings on the channel which is ridiculous. Is it really necessary to have another meeting at Newmarket? Ayr and Redcar were shown on the original ITV7 20+ years ago but couldn’t they move their fixtures to Sunday, the same as Perth?

    Avatar photoKevMc
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    Wouldn’t mind swapping jobs with the wine tipster for a summer or ten!

    Avatar photoGingertipster
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    Seem to remember they brought in a rule: Something like – apart from the major race meetings (unfortunately Royal Ascot will never be run at Salisbury) – courses bid for meetings and as I understand it the BHA can’t stop anyone from bidding under EU trade rules. Am I imagining that? Old rule of not allowing meetings within 50 miles of each other on the same day also halted due to the same rules.

    Personally I can’t see why the TV stations can’t tell the courses not to bid for week day meetings that would clash.
    Weekend fixtures are a bit different, because they’re good money makers for courses.

    Value Is Everything
    Avatar photoCharlesOlney
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    On a side note, was I the only person who got mightily agitated with the American woman they had doing the post/pre-race interviews in the parade ring? My god, surely there’s someone better out there for the job.

    Avatar photoDegaussed
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    I wasn’t keen on her style, personally. Most of her questions were about how happy the trainer was about the result and what it meant for them, when I’d much rather Tom Stanley’s analytical questions about the horse and the race.

    Avatar photoGingertipster
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    I agree, the american lady didn’t really work and they’ve got many regular RUK presenters who could’ve done that job better. However, was it anything to do with trying to break in to the American market? :unsure:

    Value Is Everything
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    You’re right Ginger the courses do bid for the fixtures which is why Perth were able to secure a second Saturday fixture this season. And judging by the crowd they had it was well worth it.

    Could i turn the argument on it’s head by suggesting that Royal Ascot goes back to a Tuesday to Friday meeting. And how about running the Ebor and July Cup on Thursdays again. That would save clashing with half a dozen other meetings.

    Dare I suggest for those of you who didn’t want the smaller meetings impinging on your enjoyment that ITV were solely concentrating on Ascot(all sux races). That’s the beauty of out TV coverage in Britain. Those who want to concentrate on the big meeting can do so on terrestrial channels and those who want to watch all the days racing can do so on RUK and ATR.

    Marginal Value
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    I agree with Ham; why are they not using multiple channels? There are quite a few digital channels that operate only in the evenings, and it would not be a revolutionary move to hire a channel (for the “Red Button”) for daytime only use for a few days to treat Ascot with its true importance. The BBC have been doing it for years for many sporting event; Olympics, Tennis, etc. RUK may have caught up just in time to be swamped by online streaming of sporting events with many many simultaneous streams. This year in Formula 1 you can watch the race through the on-board camera of any driver, and/or any driver’s live data (Speed, Gear, RPM, time to driver ahead, time to driver behind, etc), or just choose to take the stream that is offered to the general public.

    On the lack of progress in the use of technology in racing, does anyone know which sector of the racing family objects to the BHA making it a condition of race entry that a horse must be allowed to carry a timing transponder in its saddle cloth?

    Avatar photoNathan Hughes
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    Flipped over from ITV to avoid the fashion stuff and there is some bloke on RUK wearing an luminous yellow waistcoat…. :scratch:

    Blackbeard to conquer the World

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