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    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Yes Tonge…

    bob rolf, Vtc, 007canfordcliffs and TheKryptonFactor all selected Nando Parrado
    that was in the Newmarket competition

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    Wd bigG with that monster score, Kris, HotFuss and Mike. Thanks Nathan for running it, it’s a bit of a brute of a comp to score as so popular and all those big handicaps!

    I enjoyed the 2 days I got to see…contemplating taking it off next year but I already take Cheltenham week off so can’t really justify using half my annual leave to watch racing!

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    wd BigG great picks this week, and Nathan for the score updates. :good:

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    Thanks as usual for running the competition Nathan, and well done BigG

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    Well done BigG, scorched away in the first two days and no chance of any of us getting near after that.

    Thanks Nathan for your efforts in organising this competition. These things seem to run so smoothly that the behind the scenes efforts can easily be forgotten.

    I really do need to learn how to crack the three year old handicaps and the two years old events if I’m going to make a mark. I’m really pin sticking in these.

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    Many thanks all, I had to pinch myself after the 1st 2 days.
    Well done to Kris, Hot Fuss and Mike too. Most of all big thanks
    to Nathan for running this, it’s a lot of work, I know as I stood
    in for him on one day previously :scratch:

    I learned a leason in this one too Nathan, if your 1st choice is a
    N/R, just leave your reserve to take it’s place. When Univeral Order
    was pulled out, I got you to stick Durston in, and kept Scarlet Dragon
    (33/1) as my reserve. It seemed like a good idea at the time :wacko:

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    Sorry I’m late to your party Graham being Father’s day had a hectic morning and then the shopping arrived. :wacko:
    Hope your kids are spoiling you from a distance. :good:

    Just to echo everyone’s comments on what an amazing score you notched up from Day 1 it was really all over and we all played catch up (some better than others) not helped by the Site going down on day 3..I reckon everyone on Social Media got wind of this successful pundit tipping 16/1 winners on TRF and crashed the site trying to get in. :whistle: .along with that you almost pulled off the there no stopping you Graham. B-)

    A word of congrats to 2nd and 3rd on the Podium Kris and Hot Fuss (never far from the action) and to Mike007 for his outage Podium 3rd. It was a shame that some missed Day 3 but Nathan made a good and fair call bearing in mind this is a just for fun competition..and thanks to Nathan’s hard work and dedication it was.. :good: so a big thank you to Nathan for getting us all together again in these uncertain times. :heart:

    Take a bow Graham ..
    :yahoo: BigG King of Royal Ascot tipsters :yahoo:


    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Red Rum 77Red Rum 77
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    Some inspired tipping by Graham (With or without Thursday’s Glitch :good: ) hope a few of them tips you made the bookies pay. Kris a valiant effort in second but Graham had first run on you to convey in racing terms :good: For third the a steward’s enquiry between Hot Fuss & Mike 007 but hope it’s all good folks. Myself was slow from stalls but stayed on but well beaten. Flat not really my thing, and with this covid business was a little out of tune. Couldn’t pick anything and my enthusiasm was lacking until I backed a winner or two namely Golden Horde & Kimari which was two entered in my tote ten to follow.

    Speaking of Covid 19 hope Pat is not a victim of it, please let us know, and Ginger not done his version of ten to follow on the flat hope he’s alright too.

    I remember thinking, probably said about some shock outsiders winning but never image this.

    SATURDAY 13 JUNE NEWBURY 4.10 INTERCESSOR 200/1 & SATURDAY 20 JUNE ASCOT 1.50 NANDO PARRADO 150/1 :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

    What’s going on these prices are meant to be also rans :wacko:

    Red Rum 77Red Rum 77
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    Graham I was taught many years ago not to change your mind with the 1992 Grand National, fancied Party Politics but ended up backing Romany King. Needless to say one won and the other one was runner up. By all means right or wrong do your research but when you made your mind up stick with it. You must have thought Scarlet Dragon had some sort of chance to stick in as reserve. :good:

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    Thanks very much Jac and Rummy for your kind words. I won’t forget this competition in
    a long while. I did very well Neil, certainly the best return I’ve ever had from a
    flat meeting. My boys are great as always Jac, and the week was special as Ross was
    still at home in London recovering from the virus and we watched Ascot together and
    kept in contact race by race on WhatsApp. That’s the first time we’ve done the horses
    together and it couldn’t have been a better time, including the reserve I should have
    left in, Scarlet Dragon who we both bet. Having been through a tough time with this
    damned virus maybe someone was just giving us a helpful nudge in the right direction :good:

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    Scarlet dragon is a horse I’ve liked for a while Neil, I always thought there
    was a big one in him and he came good on the day. I’m an idiot for not just
    letting it run in the competition, it didn’t matter as it happens, but I should
    have kept the faith with him. You’re so right, once you’ve made your mind up,
    stay with it :good:

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    Congratz Graham! That’s a great score & great tipping!! :good: Hope you made a few quid and hope you’re doing well.

    Well done to Kris, Hot Fuss and Mike too & as always, Thanks Nathan for all your hard work!

    When is the next contest? :wacko:

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    When is the next contest?

    Epsom, Derby day
    think the meeting is just one day this year
    so will mix the rules up a bit
    I’m thinking 2 horses in each race
    no NAPS but a power play which you can pick two races that have to be next to each other that score double points for all places available

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    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Well done Graham, and hard luck to Kris and Hot Fuss with scores that would’ve won other times.

    Thanks as ever Nath, great effort again.

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    Many thanks Euro and Bobby :good:

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